Do-it-yourself summer kitchen in the country


summer kitchen in the country with their own hands

Relaxation, barbecue in the fresh air helps to escape from the bustle and noise of the city. A cozy summer kitchen in the country, rebuilt with your own hands, will become a favorite place for spending time together for the whole family.

According to the degree of openness, kitchen spaces are divided into hinged structures and closed ones.

The closed kitchen has windows, doors, a roof, as a full-fledged building, protecting from all the vagaries of nature. Open kitchens are a canopy roof mounted on supporting pillars and a concrete base. Such a building does not have one or several walls at once.

Construction of a simple summer kitchen on the site

The main stages of the construction of the building are:

  • preparation and marking of the place;
  • foundation device;
  • installation of walls or load-bearing supports;
  • roof installation;
  • internal arrangement.

The closed summer kitchen is a fairly simple design; you can build it in the country with your own hands, for example, from bricks and boards.

For this you will need:

  • saw, drill, screwdriver;
  • building level;
  • shovel;
  • a hammer;
  • nails;
  • beam;
  • boards;
  • brick;
  • cement;
  • sand;
  • metal tile.

Consider an example of building a closed kitchen with a stove and a smokehouse.

After choosing a project and a place for construction, a foundation pit is dug under the foundation to a depth of 70 cm.

A wooden formwork is laid along the edges of the foundation, poured with concrete, and a reinforcing mesh is laid.

do-it-yourself summer kitchen in the country house4 summer kitchen in the country with their own hands

Support beams are installed, a wall, a stove and a smokehouse are laid out of bricks.

Roof rafters, formwork and metal tiles are mounted.

do-it-yourself summer kitchen in the country house16 do-it-yourself summer kitchen in the country house17

Inside, a wooden tabletop, doors are installed, a barbecue stove, a smokehouse are equipped.

Windows are inserted, wooden doors are hung, tiles are laid on the floor, furniture and accessories are arranged — the kitchen is ready.

Varieties of summer kitchens

With your own hands, you can build various summer kitchen projects in the country:

In order to build a simple open summer kitchen in the country with your own hands, you can not fill the foundation. It is necessary to prepare and level the site, filling it with sand. Dig in the support beams along the edges, fill them with concrete and you can install a canopy.

Lay boards or street tiles on the floor.

If you choose the right project and materials, then rebuilding a summer kitchen will be inexpensive and will not require the participation of specialists. The kitchen, designed with soul, will become the most comfortable place for family and guests on the site.


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