Entrance doors for giving


Entrance doors for giving

A country house especially needs protection from uninvited guests, therefore reliable entrance doors for a summer residence are a guarantee of your peace of mind, especially if the house has valuables and it is periodically left unattended.

Which front door to choose for a summer residence?

When choosing a front door for a summer residence, you need to be guided by the following requirements:

  • strength, reliability, durability — the door in the country must have these three qualities without fail, and we are talking not only about preventing burglary, but also resistance to adverse weather conditions;
  • thermal insulation — the door and the door frame must prevent drafts and the penetration of cold;
  • lack of excessive attractiveness, so as not to attract unnecessary attention with its expensive and decorative appearance and not to arouse thoughts of a rich interior setting.

Summarizing what has been said, the front country door should be reliable and inexpensive. As for the material of manufacture, it can be a metal or wooden front door for a summer residence, made of solid wood or a combination of metal and wood. Of course, metal doors are the most popular. However, often people choose wooden doors with a metal frame — such metal-wood structures are reliable and beautiful at the same time.

Entrance doors to the cottage made of wood are the most budget option, which is suitable if there is no need for increased security. They, as a rule, are panel or panel.

Lock on the front door to give

There are many options for locking mechanisms and locks, including toggle, crossbar, cylinder, electronic and code. All of them are very different in quality and, accordingly, price. For summer cottages, the golden mean between these two characteristics is a toggle or cylinder lock with a latch, complemented by a latch.


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