Facade materials for a country house


Facade materials for a country house

The appearance of a private house is very important, because the first impression of its owners depends on it. That is why everyone is so eager to make the design of the building pretty, sophisticated and original. But, in addition to the aesthetic component, you need to think about the functional. Indeed, the comfort of the residents of this house will depend on the method of finishing the exterior. The external coating of the walls of any country house must withstand both frost and sunlight, protect against moisture and corrosion, insulate the building as much as possible and at the same time not be toxic. For this, various materials for the facade decoration of the house are used.

Choosing a facade material for the house

Today, there are countless options for finishing the facade on the market for such materials. Among them are plaster and facade paint, stone cladding, clinker or brick finishing, the use of wood, siding, decorative tiles, curtain walls, etc. Let’s look at the most popular of them.

For wooden houses, facade materials such as wood paneling. If you belong to the adherents of eco-style in the design of the exterior, then this option is for you. Such a sheathing looks beautiful and soundly, and to protect it from adverse weather, the tree is impregnated with special agents that endow it with moisture-proof properties. But, of course, such sheathing cannot be compared with natural stone in its strength.

This type of facade materials is usually used for a large country house. Obvious properties stone — it will become a strong and durable coating for your home, and it looks very noble and expensive. However, natural stone is not cheap, and the cladding work itself is quite laborious, so buyers increasingly prefer artificial stone.

Fake diamond consists of recycled quartz, expanded clay and sand mixed with plasticizers. This facade material is reliable, durable and aesthetically attractive, because outwardly it practically does not differ from natural stone. But at the same time, artificial stone is several times lighter and also cheaper. There are many variations in the design of such a finish, and any house can be decorated with artificial stone, turning it into a stately mansion.

Often the facade is covered decorative plaster — It is economical and looks good. However, it has low moisture resistance, and is prone to cracking from weather influences. Therefore, the plaster coating needs to be renewed every few years.

And finally, one of the most popular materials today is facade paints. This is a practical and reliable way to give the facade the desired color and protect it from destruction. You can buy paint of any shade and paint the house yourself, especially since it is very easy.


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