Facade materials for exterior decoration of the house


Facade materials for exterior decoration of the house

Exterior decoration of the house with any facade material can look unusual and beautiful. In this case, you can use both options that are already familiar to everyone, as well as new, modern design moves.

Classic facade materials for the house

The most popular some time ago was such a facade material for a private house, such as siding. It is a metal or vinyl slats that are fixed to the walls and create a beautiful effect. Siding has become especially popular due to its ease of installation, low cost, as well as a variety of colors. Now you can also purchase panels that imitate wooden beams or brickwork.

Usage facade brick to give the house a finished and neat appearance — another fairly common move. Such houses look solid and rich, while the brick performs additional heat and sound insulation functions.

Plaster allows you to create a facade in any color due to the ability to paint the mixture even before applying it to the walls. Facade plastering is another classic solution.

There is also an increasing use of decorative plaster with an unusual relief structure that gives the building an interesting appearance.

Modern materials for facade decoration of the house

Modern materials can successfully imitate previously used, but more expensive coatings, or create a completely new and unusual appearance of the building.

Thus, it is becoming more and more popular facade tilesimitating wild stone or brickwork, which is attached to the facade with a special mortar.

As a modern material for facade decoration are also used glass tiles, which are fixed on special suspensions, creating a ventilated facade. Another option is large windows that occupy the entire facade. The houses themselves, finished in this way, look airy and festive.


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