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Panels for the facade are a hinged structure for wall insulation and decorating the appearance of the building. They allow you to solve the problem of energy saving and decorating the walls of the building. Often such a system consists of a frame, an insulating layer and a decorative cladding.

Variety of facade panels

There are different types of exterior wall panels. They differ in shades, size, material of manufacture.
Facade metal panels are made of steel or aluminum and have a polymer coating. The outer layer is either smooth or perforated.

Facade panels in brick or stone look can be used as a basement, to decorate the entire perimeter of the house or its individual parts. They have a complete resemblance to natural masonry and the texture of natural materials. After installation, a seamless coating is obtained, durable and resistant to natural disasters.

The following facade panels are very popular with modern consumers — plastic sheets, vinyl or metal siding, polyurethane. For their production, metal, various polymers, plasticizers, modifiers, dyes are used. Plastic panels can be made in the form of large canvases, slats, siding — in the form of a single or double board. Artificial materials have a wide palette of colors and textures; you can buy a product that imitates brickwork, wood, slate, marble, natural stone, plaster.

Wooden panels for facade are made from wood-shaving materials, these include lining and block house. Such material gives the maximum approximation of the cladding to natural wood. The lining has a flat surface with cuts, and the block house has a radius, which repeats the surface of a real log house. The surface is treated with special impregnations to protect the material from moisture and decay. Wooden panels give the house coziness and warmth.

The use of decorative panels for facades is inexpensive, effective and convenient. This is a modern approach to the design of the room, it provides a beautiful appearance to the building and extends its life. The latest technologies in the production of materials make it possible to combine practicality and decorative appeal in them.


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