Facing the basement of the house with natural stone


lining the basement of the house with natural stone 0

Basement — the foot of a building or structure, lying on the foundation, it often protrudes forward in relation to its upper parts. The plinth is a kind of shield of the building, as it protects it from heat, wind and frost.

Facing the basement of a house with natural stone is the most reliable and proven method of finishing, since it is this material that has water resistance, heat resistance, strength, durability and ease of installation.

Natural stone — reliable protection of the plinth

As a rule, decorating natural stone on a plinth is not difficult.

First you need to plaster the surface, align all the errors. If necessary, the plinth can be insulated with expanded polystyrene plates, then coated with a primer and a steel mesh can be mounted around the entire perimeter.

To finish the basement with natural stone, you must first select the slabs in terms of thickness, texture, size and lay out the pattern, while maintaining all the dignity and richness of the natural material.

With the help of a special adhesive for facing work, the stone is laid on the grid. The material is tapped with a hammer for a tight connection with the wall.

After installation, all excess glue and dirt are removed. The shade of the grout is selected and the seams are decorated.

The final step will be the application of a special varnish, which will make the color of natural stone more saturated and bright. In addition, the varnish has both moisture-proof properties and protects against minor mechanical damage.

Caring for the stone is not difficult — periodically update the varnish, wash it from dirt and dust. Then the base will have an attractive, fresh and dignified look.

Finishing the plinth with natural stone is a reliable and practical option. With decorativeness and durability, such a lining will delight the owners for a long time.


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