Fiber cement board for facade


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Fiber cement panels and slabs are the most popular material for finishing the facades of any buildings. They are easy to install, have a rich variety of colors and textures, they are easy to cut, and they serve for a long time.

Curtain facades made of fiber cement boards are made according to the principle of ventilated facades and are an economically and aesthetically advantageous solution.

Fiber cement properties

Fiber cement contains 80-90% cement, the rest is mineral fillers and cellulose in the form of reinforcing fibers. Fiber cement boards are environmentally friendly and safe for health.

Among the useful properties of the material:

  • heat resistance — facade plates withstand frost and heat;
  • fire resistance — even under the influence of an open flame, the material does not ignite, acting as a barrier to the spread of fire;
  • high resistance to mechanical, chemical and biological influences and aggressive environments.

These and other useful properties of the material make the facade decoration with fiber cement boards profitable and durable.

Advantages of facing the facade of the house with fiber cement boards

Choosing this method of finishing, you are guaranteed to get a beautiful and reliable facade of the house with a comfortable microclimate inside the premises.

Behind highly decorative plates, you can hide any irregularities and flaws in the walls without their preliminary leveling and surface preparation.

Thanks to the possibility of painting the slabs in different colors and imitating various natural materials with their help, you can always achieve any design effects without violating the overall style of the architectural complex.

Installation of plates can be carried out at any time of the year due to the absence of «wet» processes. However, despite the ease of installation of the plates, it is recommended to do this not on your own, but with the involvement of professionals in order to avoid possible mistakes.

Stages of installation of fiber cement boards on the facade

The main difficulty lies in the need for preliminary preparation of the design of the ventilated facade. Moreover, this design must be carried out in accordance with all the rules, so that in the future condensate does not accumulate in the walls and other annoying things do not happen.

In short, the process of installing a ventilated facade with fiber cement boards is as follows:

  • fixing brackets on the outer walls of the house;
  • installation and fixing of horizontal guides;
  • frame installation;
  • fixing the seam tape;
  • installation of horizontal and vertical bars;
  • fixing fiber cement boards.


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