Finishing the facade of a wooden house


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Wooden houses today are an excellent option for ecological housing. At the same time, wood provides good sound insulation and aesthetic appearance. Finishing the facades of a wooden house can put old housing in order, update the exterior of a new one, and protect walls from external factors.

Options for finishing the facades of a wooden house

There are many materials on the modern market that can be used to clad a wooden building.

Among the most common options for finishing the facade of a wooden house are siding, thermal panels, plaster, brick. Materials can be selected depending on the design of the building, the cost and the preferences of the owner.

Plaster refers to a «wet» finish, which requires the installation of a crate to prevent moisture from entering the wood.

Brick wall decoration is a more capital option, but significantly increases the weight of the building; for its installation, it is necessary that the house has a suitable wide foundation.

Siding, panels with clinker tiles or PVC, the use of lining or slats is a modern solution for finishing the facade of a wooden house using hinged technology. For their fastening, the crate of the building is carried out; insulation can be additionally laid between the walls and the cladding. The materials have good thermal insulation properties, a variety of colors and decorative solutions, and are easy to install.

Among the panels, you can find an option that imitates any natural material (stone, brickwork, any plaster) and create a harmonious wall surface. In addition, siding and plastic panels are not exposed to precipitation, insects and fungi.

When finishing the facade of a wooden house with the help of a block house, the natural look of wood is preserved with all the advantages of hinged technology. These are simple boards, unlike lining, they have a semicircular cross section, are impregnated with special solutions and varnish to maintain durability and prevent decay. They are long slats of pine, larch or spruce. Such material creates a special atmosphere of coziness and comfort, inherent only to wood, and accurately conveys the surface of a real log house.

Modern materials make it possible to maintain the functionality of the facades of wooden buildings at the proper level, give them an attractive appearance and decorate the design of the building.


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