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A flat roof in a private house is a modern and fashionable solution. The current designers, when designing buildings in the style of hi-tech, modern, minimalism, prefer structures with such a roof. They have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and cons of a flat roof

In comparison with other options, this design has an angle of inclination of no more than eight degrees. Its basis is a carrier plate made of foam, gas blocks, wood or reinforced concrete. Waterproofing and insulation are laid on top, then roofing material.

A house with a flat roof is most often one-story, less often two-story. This architectural technique provides an opportunity to build comfortable and aesthetic buildings, exclusive in their design. A flat roof can decorate both a large villa and a modest small cottage.

Typically, such houses use a large area of ​​wall glazing, which is typical for innovative design. The arrangement of the roof takes much less building materials.

Modern houses with a flat roof are most often equipped with additional places for relaxation with sun loungers or even with a swimming pool, viewing or sports grounds, and a flower garden. An important advantageous feature of a flat roof is the appearance of additional area for use. A popular solution is the equipment of an outdoor recreation area, decorated with a flower garden, garden furniture, even a gazebo.

On such a roof, you can easily install various equipment — air conditioners, solar panels, antennas.

The main disadvantage of a flat roof is that a lot of snow and precipitation accumulates on its surface. But this problem is solved by installing a drain system. The heat dissipation of the house and the absence of an attic make it possible to melt the snow cover faster.

Along the entire perimeter of the structure, boxes and funnels are installed for draining water, into which all moisture is collected from the plane and brought down. Water flows into the water intake, and the funnels are mounted at a certain distance and end with vertical pipes that ensure the outflow of moisture.

A high-quality sealed drainage system ensures trouble-free operation of the ceiling.

Country houses with a flat roof are becoming increasingly popular. Modern materials make it possible to create such a roof with high performance and exclusive decorative features.


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