garage door


garage door

The presentable appearance of the garage largely depends on the gate. The owner, who takes care of his property, tries to make them, being almost the main part of the building, perform a protective function, be aesthetically attractive and comfortable. More often, garage doors offer metal, wood or corrugated board, which has a wide range of colors.

Types of garage doors

  1. Swing garage doors.
  2. They are a classic version of this type of design. As a rule, gates are opened and closed manually. For the manufacture of valves use a variety of materials, from wood to metal. The most bought are double-leaf models, because when open they do not take up much space. The popularity of products has led to the construction of garages with automatic swing gates.

  3. Lift structures.
  4. Overhead garage door.

    The result of the work of the designers was the production of models with automatic lifting of the whole canvas. If necessary, the gate can be easily opened by hand. In addition, they are provided to stop in unforeseen situations, for example, the appearance of an object under the canvas. The design has good thermal insulation and makes it possible to save square meters inside the garage, with the exception of the space under the ceiling. Its feature is the need to build with a rectangular opening of certain parameters.

    Lifting guillotine gates.

    Like the previous design, they consist of one shield. They require a lot of free space above the garage, since at the moment of opening they begin to move vertically up along the opening. Hermetic fit to the wall provides reliable thermal insulation and protection of the room.

    Sectional garage doors.

    They consist of several sections, which are interconnected by loops and isolated from each other. There are sheathed options and frameless designs. A special mechanism ensures the movement of the model up under the ceiling or along the side wall. These features must be considered at the time of purchase. Possessing such valuable characteristics as strength, thermal insulation and lightness, sectional garage doors are in great demand among car enthusiasts. In addition, they save a lot of space in front of the building.

  5. Roller garage doors.
  6. The canvas of the product consists of aluminum lamellas. During movement, it rolls up into a roll, winding around the shaft. The principle of operation of the gate is no different from similar structures for windows. However, its reliability in comparison with other types is somewhat lower. The model is inexpensive, takes up little space, so it easily finds its customers. The rolled-up box that protects the garage can be placed inside buildings or on the street.

  7. Sliding garage doors.
  8. The price of the gate depends on the material condition of the owners, since they can be made of a wide variety of materials, including forged elements. The design is equipped with a roller movement system. Several negative qualities, such as high cost, poor thermal insulation properties and the need for additional square meters, make the demand for these products for personal use quite low. For the same reason, sliding gates can often be seen at industrial facilities.

    The main criterion when choosing a garage door for most buyers is not the price, but rather the reliability of the design. In order not to limit yourself in the choice of goods, it is best to plan the type of opening during the construction of the premises.


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