Garage swing gates


Garage swing gates

If you have a car, then sooner or later you will need a garage for it. It will not only reliably cover your car from adverse weather conditions, but also protect it from theft. In addition, a garage may be needed for minor repairs, for storing tools and even some things.

Reliable garage swing gates provide the necessary protection against someone else’s penetration. In addition to the protection function, the gate provides insulation of the garage and gives the entire building an aesthetic appearance.

Swing garage door design

Swing gates for the garage consist of two main posts, to which two wings are attached, opening either inward or outward. In some garages, you can find a rigid metal closed loop instead of racks. It is possible to order a gate with a gate, which can be embedded or attached to the gate. By installing a modern automatic system for opening and closing garage doors, you will thereby increase their reliability. In addition, automatic swing garage doors are very convenient to use, because in order to open or close the gate, you don’t even have to get out of the car.

Depending on the material, swing gates can be wooden or metal. Swing gates for a garage made of wood — the cheapest type of construction. Their installation is very simple, but they will not last long — about 5-7 years. Another significant drawback of wooden gates is that they can easily ignite. Therefore, today wood is used more often as a decor in fireproof garage door designs.

Metal hinged garage doors are durable and fireproof, strong, reliable and resistant to various damages. The simplest option for metal gates is a welded structure. The existing popular type of double metal garage doors is characterized by increased strength and reliability due to the fact that the gate leaves are made of double metal sheets.

The same qualities as metal garage doors are also possessed by gates made of corrugated board. However, their price is lower, which is the key to their popularity.

Sometimes metal gates are made in combination with various forged elements, as well as wood or corrugated board.

All types of swing garage doors can be made with insulation, which will provide a more comfortable temperature inside the garage.


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