Garden gazebos


Garden gazebos

If you are a happy owner of a personal plot, then you undoubtedly know how important it is to have a comfortable and quiet corner in the yard, where, distracted from household chores, away from the hustle and bustle, you can be alone with your thoughts.

That is why even at the stage of designing or arranging the site, it is necessary to include the construction of a garden gazebo in the to-do list. The tradition of erecting architectural forms of this kind has come to us since the time of Ancient Egypt. Many centuries ago, people took refuge from the hot sun under the roofs of light and elegant pergolas, canopies and arches. As a result, over time, many different types of garden arbors for summer cottages appeared, which, moreover, are successfully used for decorating the territory.

Today, thanks to a large selection of modern building materials, structures of this kind are performed in a variety of forms. Thus, designers manage to create unique landscape design projects. About which garden arbors are most popular today, read our article.

Varieties of garden arbors

As a rule, most skillful owners try to arrange their site with their own hands. However, if you decide to do the construction of a garden gazebo with your own hands, the design of the future structure should be very carefully considered. Such a small architectural form is simply obliged to harmoniously complement the landscape design, while serving as a comfortable place to relax on a hot day.

Of all the existing ones, the most common option is a wooden garden gazebo in the form of a hexagon or a rectangle, inside of which there is light wooden furniture. They are often decorated with decorative crates or flowers, and a table and benches are traditionally placed inside. Such an environment in itself is conducive to a pleasant conversation.

High strength and eccentricity are distinguished by wooden garden arbors in the form of a house made of logs or snags. They always blend in naturally with landscape design, perfect for rustic or country yard designs.

Buildings made of timber, decorated with carvings or decorative lattices, always look good against the backdrop of growing trees and flower beds. A wooden garden arbor, decorated with carvings, with balusters and window casings, creates a special fairy tale atmosphere from good Russian fairy tales.

If the site is decorated in a modern style, and there are many elements made of metal, plastic or brick in the interior of the courtyard, a polycarbonate garden gazebo will be the best solution for creating a cozy atmosphere. This combined structure consists of a metal frame, the walls and roof of which are sheathed with transparent or colored plastic panels.

Being in such a garden gazebo, you can see everything that is happening around, for example, to watch where the children are playing or to follow who has approached the yard. Pleasantly pleased with the wide range of colors of polycarbonate, which allows you to choose the right shade for a competent and stylish design of the site.

Your dacha or house will take on a more mysterious and unusual look if you place a metal garden gazebo in the yard. The construction, the walls of which are decorated with openwork forging, will undoubtedly become the main attraction of the courtyard. Dark-colored polycarbonate is used as a roof for a garden gazebo made of metal. For wall cladding, a transparent material is used so as not to hide the beautiful forms of ornate patterns from the eyes. The decoration of such a gazebo is often thin curtains.


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