Gate from corrugated board


Gate from corrugated board

Nowadays, corrugated board is in great demand as a material for the manufacture of gates. It is made from cold-rolled steel, the surface of which is pre-coated with layers of zinc and a polymer that protects against mechanical damage and adverse weather and climatic conditions. Compared to wood and metal profiles, corrugated board has many advantages, which are the reason for its popularity among owners of private houses.

So, the advantages of a gate for a house made of corrugated board are:

  • convenience and ease of installation;
  • durability;
  • functionality;
  • strength;
  • low weight;
  • relatively low material cost.

The profiled sheet has a wide range of colors, offering customers a wide choice. It goes well with stone, brick, wood. Often gates made of corrugated board are decorated with forging elements, which gives them a solid look.

According to the method of opening, manual and automatic gates are distinguished. Depending on the design features, there are three main types of gates made of corrugated board. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Swing gates from corrugated board

This variety is considered the most simple, reliable and durable. It consists of two wings, hung on supporting pillars. The gate can be integral with the corrugated gate, being built into one of the wings, or installed separately. The foundation is two pillars concreted into the ground.

Such gates are easy to install — this work is available even to a non-professional. Swing gates have the lowest cost compared to the types described below.

Sliding gates from corrugated board

Sliding gates (they are retractable or cantilever) are more complex in design. They consist of a guide rail, a counterweight and, in fact, a canvas. Also, for installation, you will need roller carriages and special traps to fix the upper part of the door leaf. Very often, sliding gates are used with an electric drive, which ensures their automatic opening and closing. This is the most practical option in terms of ease of use.

The advantages of sliding gates made of corrugated board include the fact that they do not require space in front of the gate to open them, which is especially convenient in winter. The disadvantages are a more complicated calculation of the foundation and counterweight (if the calculation is incorrect, the gate will be difficult to open and wear out faster) and a shorter service life than swing gates.

Garage doors from corrugated board

For garages, two types of gate construction are used — sectional and rotary-lifting. The latter type is very practical, such gates occupy a minimum of space, and when open they “hide” under the ceiling inside the garage. However, their installation is more complicated than the installation of simple swing gates made of corrugated board.


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