House in classic style


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If you decorate a house in a classic style, it will always be popular, out of time and fashion. This design attracts luxury and harmoniously combines with modern functionality.

Features of the classic style

The exterior decoration of a country house in a classical style is characterized by the use of columns, natural marble, various ornaments, arches, cornices, and sculptures. The stone plays an important role in it. The front entrance is equipped with a chic staircase with railings, the color of windows, doors and roofs is often darker than the shade of the walls. The columns will give the building the grandeur of palace apartments.

The interior of the house in the classical style uses expensive, natural materials — wooden furniture made of precious species (oak, beech) with carvings and curved shapes, stucco, gilding, framed mirrors.

Chandeliers with crystal pendants, sconces, paintings, figurines, candlesticks are used as decor. A prerequisite for the design of a classic living room is the arrangement of a fireplace area with a beautiful hearth framed by natural or artificial marble.

Textiles for furniture and curtains are expensive — satin, silk, viscose with a small pattern.

Wall decoration should be done in light pastel colors, in combination with white with gilding, small patches of black. On the ceilings, most often there is painting, friezes, stucco molding.

The interior of the house is complemented by bay windows, niches, large windows, open terraces, they will fill it with light and create excellent conditions for outdoor recreation.

Modern appliances are hidden in built-in cabinets and niches so that they are less conspicuous.

The design of the house in a classic style will create a harmonious atmosphere in the room and will be a sign of material wealth and excellent taste of the owner.


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