Houses from SIP panels — what is this material, advantages and disadvantages, structural features


Houses from SIP panels - what is this material, advantages and disadvantages, structural features

When building a house, every nuance is important, and the material from which it will be built is one of the key points. Houses made of SIP panels have proven to be inexpensive buildings, effective for energy saving and easy to build. They have other advantages, but the structures also have disadvantages.

What is a SIP panel?

This material is used for the construction of frame structures and is considered universal. SIP is a structural panel with insulating properties and consisting of OSB sheets and an insulating layer. All layers of the structure are fixed with polyurethane adhesive. Houses made of SIP panels (Structural Insulated Panel) are called Canadian because this country is the birthplace of this material. It looks fragile, but in practice it is reliable, so it can even be used for housing construction in our latitudes with a harsh climate.

Houses from SIP panels — pros and cons

This technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. Frame houses from SIP panels have the following advantages:

  1. thermal insulation. The material provides this property better than brick.
  2. Noise isolation. The thickness of the plates is small, but they perfectly protect the house from the penetration of street noise.
  3. Lightweight designs. Thanks to this, for buildings from them it is not necessary to lay a powerful deep foundation. They are easy to transport and unload.
  4. Short construction time. For example, a two-story house made of SIP panels is built in three weeks on a turnkey basis.
  5. Ability to build structures at any time of the year.
  6. Panel stability to aggressive external influences, fungus, mold.
  7. low cost material — from $ 25 per 1 sq. m.

The disadvantages of houses from SIP panels are:

  1. combustibility. 90% of the panels are wood, but the material is treated with special agents that increase its fire resistance.
  2. Not the highest level of environmental friendliness. The materials used to make SIP panels are not dangerous, they are environmentally friendly, but a small amount of toxins can be released from the adhesive with which they are fixed.
  3. Vulnerability to rodents. Houses made of SIP panels can attract these animals with polystyrene foam, but the chips impregnated with resin have high strength, and therefore prevent rodents from entering the house.

Houses from SIP panels — features

Such a building is a frame with sheathing and made of multilayer panels with an insulating layer in the middle. The tight connection of the structures is ensured by locking devices located along their edges. Houses made of SIP panels for permanent residence are delivered to the future owner in a ready-made, but disassembled form. It remains to install it on the base, which is prepared in advance.

Heating a house from SIP panels

Heat loss in such buildings is minimal, which allows you to save money, but they still need heating:

  1. Radiator. This type of heating consists of vertical radiators, pipes, a pump and a heating boiler. This is the optimal type of heating that can be used if it is decided to build a house from SIP panels.
  2. radiator heating

  3. Convector. Type of heating, similar to radiator, but instead of vertical structures, horizontal convectors are used.
  4. convector heating

  5. «Warm floor». This type of heating does not take up the usable space of the house from SIP panels, but it is laborious to install.
  6. warm floor

  7. Air. The system consists of a water heater and a fan that blows warm air upstairs, which is then distributed throughout the room.
  8. air heating

  9. infrared emitters. Devices are mounted on the walls of the house that heat objects in it, due to which warm air is distributed to the entire room.
  10. infrared emitters

  11. Fireplace or stove. With their help, small country houses from SIP panels can be heated, but this is not an option for large buildings. For such structures, it can serve as an additional heating method.
  12. fireplace

Electricity in the house of SIP panels

According to legal regulations, to comply with fire safety rules, you can use the following methods of wiring:

  1. The use of metal pipes through which the cable is carried to the electrical points of the house.
  2. The use of battens and cable routing under drywall sheets. This method takes up space, which is especially noticeable for those who have small one-story houses made of SIP panels.
  3. Using three layers of drywall. The first one is sewn without a profile onto the SIP panel, in the second, strobes are made for wiring, the structure is closed with the third layer. Additionally, the cable should be closed with a corrugation or a cable channel.

Ventilation in the house of SIP panels

It can be provided in three ways:

  1. natural ventilation. It involves the penetration of air through doorways, leaky windows, interfloor ceilings. The construction of SIP panels has such a feature — the structures fit snugly to each other, preventing the penetration of air from the outside, therefore, supply valves should be installed in the house.
  2. natural ventilation

  3. Forced ventilation. For it, special devices are used that heat and clean the air masses entering the ventilation ducts.
  4. forced ventilation

  5. Combined ventilation. It is less energy-intensive than the forced option and is able to provide normal air circulation through special channels.
  6. combined ventilation

Do-it-yourself SIP-panel house

All elements for the overall design are manufactured in factories using special equipment. This is a guarantee that houses made of SIP panels are reliable, and there will be no problems during their assembly. If you have the skills of a carpenter, you can make the panels yourself, but you will need high accuracy of calculations. The technology for assembling a house from SIP panels is as follows:

  1. Creation of a building project.
  2. Electrical wiring, heating, water supply.
  3. Laying the foundation, followed by tying it with a wooden beam.
  4. Installation of a frame from a bar and its sheathing with SIP panels.
  5. Sealing of joints, openings with polyurethane foam for tightness.
  6. If the building is two-story, it is necessary to install interfloor ceilings. This is done using wooden boards or timber.

The foundation for the house from SIP-panel

For buildings of this type, it is recommended to use one of the following options:

  1. Pile screw foundation. More often, the construction of houses from SIP panels is carried out using this type of foundation. Such a foundation is quickly erected, it provides normal ventilation of the building, it can be reinstalled over time.
  2. Shallow base. For its bookmarking, the use of special equipment is not required. In such a foundation, you can leave holes for ventilation of the house from SIP (SIP) panels.
  3. Reinforced concrete foundation. It is characterized by a high level of waterproofing, strength. Its price is high, and the use of such a foundation is advisable in conditions of creeping soil, so that the construction of SIP panels does not turn into the construction of an unstable structure.
  4. Ground floor. Its arrangement is a laborious process, but it is recommended to choose this option if possible. It not only makes the entire structure more stable, but also provides additional territory for technical and residential premises.

SIP panel house frame

To ensure the strength of the structure, it is necessary to follow a certain algorithm for its construction. The assembly of a house from SIP panels is performed as follows:

  1. Before erection, it is necessary to check the house kit for the correct numbering sequence on its elements — it must correspond to the scheme.
  2. It is necessary to lay out all the panels in accordance with the numbering along the perimeter of the base of the house from SIP panels. If it is two-story, you first need to lay out the elements for the first floor.
  3. Panels are spliced ​​with each other by means of special locks. The base of the structure must be fixed with a strapping load. To increase the mounting characteristics, mounting foam is used.
  4. After installing the bottom trim, wall panels are mounted using a level to align them.

Soundproofing in a SIP-panel house

Buildings made of this material have a high level of this indicator. In this matter, the main thing is that all stages of building a house from SIP panels are correctly performed. You can strengthen it with the use of special materials, for example:

  1. Shumanet-SK. It is a sound-absorbing material used in the form of slabs.
  2. Shumanet-100 Super. Rolled soundproofing material.
  3. Vibrostek-M. Roll-type soundproofing material.
  4. Ecotishina. Noise insulation made of polyester fiber.
  5. noise stop. Soundproofing material in the form of panels.

Exterior decoration of the house from SIP panels

It is used to improve the appearance and improve performance. Exterior decoration of houses from SIP panels is carried out using the following materials:

  1. Siding. The best option for cladding, giving the structure an attractive appearance. For its implementation, wood, metal, plastic can be used.
  2. Brick. The high cost, the complexity of installation, the increase in the load on houses from SIP (SIP) panels makes this finishing method not often used.
  3. Plaster. This is a budget option that allows you to improve the appearance of the structure, but it does not perform a protective function.
  4. Coloring. Special materials are used for it. Painting is inexpensive and can be used to embody different building design ideas.

Interior decoration of the house from SIP panels

The design of the premises is carried out using different materials. For wall decoration you can use:

  • drywall;
  • PVC;
  • wallpaper;
  • coloring;
  • tiles.

For finishing the ceiling, the following materials are used:

  • drywall;
  • stretch ceiling;
  • PVC;
  • polystyrene board;

In the construction of a building, it is important to know not only how to build a house from SIP panels yourself, but also with what materials to make a floor covering:

  • Self-leveling floors;
  • laminate;
  • linoleum;
  • parquet.


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