Houses in modern style


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The design of houses in a modern style is striking in its novelty, courage and extravagance. The projects of mansions contain all the innovative proposals and functional novelties — attic floors, sheds, pergolas, even the roof is used to house the latest equipment. Often it is flat and solar panels, heaters, air conditioners are installed on it, observation decks or recreation areas are equipped.

Houses are often distinguished by their extraordinary architectural forms, multi-level structures. They have large panoramic windows, a lot of tinted glass.

At the same time, wooden houses in a modern style are now fashionable. They combine high-quality durable materials with the benefits of civilization, create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony. The surfaces of buildings are covered with protective compounds that preserve the shades of living wood.

Beautiful houses in modern style

The interior design of a country house in a modern style should not contain anything superfluous. Rooms are freed from clutter of furniture and excess accessories. Each element must perform its function. The furniture has strict laconic, it can be curved forms, the use of glossy, glass, mirror surfaces is fashionable.

The main colors are white, grey, beige. A bright shade may be present as an accent.

The open plan is mainly used, combining rooms with subsequent division into zones. A feature of the style is the abundance of light and a lot of additional lighting in the interior.

The modern style in the design of the house is distinguished by original architectural forms and minimalism in the design of the room. Space planning with a view to functionality makes the room as comfortable and cozy as possible, and modern materials give the house uniqueness and beauty.


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