How to arrange a cottage?


How to arrange a cottage

The dacha is the place where we rest our body and soul. For the most part, we work here tirelessly, but we also find time to relax, whether it’s gatherings with barbecue or just a relaxed and measured time out with a book under the canopy of trees. And so you want to get aesthetic pleasure from the surrounding landscape design, exterior and interior of a country house and other buildings. To do this, everything needs to be thought out and beautifully designed.

How beautiful to arrange a cottage?

Asking a similar question, we will certainly divide it into such sub-questions — how to arrange a plot in the country and how to arrange the cottage itself. There are a lot of options. And a lot depends on whether there is a house and outbuildings on the site or you are just starting to equip the purchased site.

If you have to work from scratch, all the cards are in your hands. Choose a style and embody it both in the external appearance and in the interior of the house. Today, the most popular styles are country and chalet.

A country-style dacha is a kind of English country house, incredibly cozy, lined with flowers, surrounded by a low wooden fence, breathing lightness and sentimentality.

The chalet style implies a spacious terrace, protruding balconies, a hearth or stove right on the street. A house with a predominance of wood and other natural materials, as if saturated with rustic simplicity, warmth and comfort.

How to arrange a summer kitchen and a veranda in the country?

Dacha is good because you can spend a lot of time outdoors. Cooking and eating is much more pleasant under the breath of a refreshing breeze than within four walls. Because the summer kitchen and the veranda in most cases is an integral part of the cottage.

Moreover, they are appropriate if you do not know how to decorate a small cottage so that it contains everything you need for relaxation and general pastime. Taking the kitchen and dining room outside the house is a great solution for small spaces.

It goes without saying that these buildings should correspond to the general style of the site and everything on it. Of the necessary things in the kitchen, there should be an oven, a sink, a countertop and cabinets for kitchen utensils. And on the veranda you can limit yourself to a table and comfortable chairs. And do not forget about the lighting in order to be able to spend time here at any time of the day.


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