How to finish the basement of the house outside?


how to finish the basement of the house outside 0

The basement part of the house protrudes above its foundation, high requirements are imposed on its decoration — strength, waterproofing, aesthetic beauty.

Consider the better to finish the basement of a private house from the outside, so that the coating is in harmony with the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe facade.

Options for finishing the basement of the house

The easiest way to finish plaster. It can be painted with resistant facade paints. As a finishing layer, you can use a decorative composition with numerous mineral additives that create a relief surface with beautiful tints of the color scheme you like. Plaster is suitable for buildings made of different materials — concrete, brick, except for wood.

You can finish the basement at home clinker tiles, it is lighter than a brick, so the load on the foundation will be minimal. Clinker accurately imitates brickwork, attached to a frame or glue. Such tiles can decorate not only the basement, but also the corner parts of the walls, windows, doorways, such a design will look harmonious. There are options for clinker panels with foam insulation. Their installation combines insulation and finishing of the foundation.

From natural stones granite, marble, sandstone are used in the lining of the basement; this is a rather expensive and presentable finish. The shape of the tiles can vary significantly; typical dimensions, non-standard elements, large slabs and intricate shapes are used.

Artificial stone copies various types of natural material, river, pebble boulders, rocks and rocks, has a rich color palette. It is quite durable and does not break.

Finishing the plinth with stone is suitable for wooden, plastered, brick houses.

Plastic panels also imitate surfaces — stone, wood, brick. Basement siding has a durable composition, is resistant to mechanical damage, is not afraid of low temperatures, and is easy to maintain.

Another kind of beautiful finish — porcelain stoneware. It has high strength, frost resistance and excellent decorative properties. Finishing the plinth with porcelain stoneware can be combined with the cladding of the porch and entrance area — this way you get a harmonious external design.

Properly selected material for plinth cladding will give the facade completeness and make the house beautiful. It will protect the house from the negative impact of the outdoor environment and complement the architectural style of the building.


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