How to make a chain link fence?


how to make a chain link fence

As a rule, a chain-link fence is installed with your own hands on areas that you do not want to shade and in order to ensure good air circulation for plants or animals. Such fences are popular among summer residents and for fencing various technical objects.

How to make the right chain-link fence yourself?

The easiest way to install such a fence is to stretch the net between the posts.

For this you will need:

  • chain-link in the required quantity;
  • metal poles;
  • Boer;
  • concrete mortar;
  • self-tapping screws and drill;
  • wire;
  • dye.
  1. First, the line of the future fence is cleared of debris and old fences.
  2. How to make a chain link fence
    How to make a chain link fence 2
  3. Holes are marked and drilled for future columns with a depth of 60 cm and a diameter of 15 cm. The best distance between them is 2.5 meters.
  4. At the next stage, the pillars are poured with concrete. They must be installed exactly in line.
  5. Supports are painted in the desired color. A chain-link mesh will be stretched between them.
  6. How to make a chain link fence

  7. A wire is pulled from above and below the fence in order to avoid sagging of the material during operation. Holes for it are drilled along the outer edge of the supports. It stretches from corner to corner of the site.
  8. The pillars are closed with plastic plugs from above so that water does not get into them.
  9. How to make a chain link fence

  10. A mesh is hung on the wire. To do this, open the cells at the top and bottom.
  11. How to make a chain-link fence20 How to make a chain-link fence21
  12. The mesh is attached to each post with three metal screws.
  13. How to make a chain-link fence22

  14. The fence is ready.

As you can see, it is not difficult to make a fence in the country from a chain-link mesh in a short time. It will cost inexpensively and will become a reliable protection of the site, climbing plants can be planted near it, and the fence will become a beautiful decoration of the territory.


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