How to make a fence from corrugated board?


How to make a fence from corrugated board

One of the most popular and affordable methods of fencing the territory is a metal fence made of corrugated board. It is perfectly used for permanent and temporary fencing in summer cottages or around private houses, it can serve as an independent fence.

As a rule, you can make a fence from corrugated board yourself, having studied the technology of its installation. This material contains stiffening ribs and a special coating that significantly extends its service life.

Consider how to properly make a fence from corrugated board. Before starting the improvement of the territory, it is necessary to measure the perimeter of the site and calculate the amount of material and supports, prepare a tool and fastener for installation.

What is the best way to make a fence from corrugated board?

For work you will need:

  • sheets of corrugated board;
  • metal supports;
  • transverse lags;
  • self-tapping screws and drill;
  • manual drill;
  • rope, level.
  1. The basis of the fence is corrugated board, profiled steel sheet with a protective coating. It is available in a variety of colors, easy to match to any taste and make a neat fence.
  2. First you need to make a clear marking of the fence, mark where the gate, gate will be installed, mark the places for the racks. The supports are installed at a width of not more than 3 m from one another. For them, square or round pipes are used.
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  4. To prevent water from penetrating, the upper part of the pipe must be closed with a plug.
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  6. Then you need to dig holes for pillars to a depth of one to one and a half meters. You can use a hand drill for this. The deepening of the underground section of the pillars is due to the height of the fence. The higher you need the fence, the greater the depth you need to dig the supports. Pillars need to be well strengthened, because such a fence is subject to strong wind effects. If the supports are not securely fastened, the fence may partially squint. At the bottom of the holes for the racks, medium-sized crushed stone is laid. Then a support is installed and poured with a cement composition. When installing racks, control with a level is required. They must be placed clearly vertically.
  7. After concreting the supports, you need to wait for the mortar to harden.
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  9. Then they move on to fixing the lag. This is a steel profile made of metal, which is mounted to attach fence sheets to it. They need a pipe. Their number is proportional to the height of the fence. Often two rows are attached — above and below. If the fence exceeds 1.7 m, then it is more reliable to install three rows of logs. The upper and lower crossbars are attached with a deviation of 30 cm from the edges of the structure. Fixation is carried out by means of electric welding.
  10. To prevent rusting, the frame is coated with a primer after installation.
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  12. In soft ground, it is advisable to make a foundation to prevent subsidence of the pillars. Along the pillars on the ground, a wooden formwork 20 cm high is made and poured with concrete.
  13. At the last stage, metal sheets are installed on the logs. Metal screws are used for fastening. Docking them is done with an overlap. Scratches on the sheets are eliminated with a can of paint of the desired shade.
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  15. Often the supports are covered with bricks. This design looks much more impressive.
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  17. The fence is ready. There are many options for its combinations in color, height.

A beautiful fence made of corrugated board does not look like a dull and featureless structure, it is not difficult to make it, as a result you will get a bright and reliable addition to landscape design.


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