Hozblok for giving — how to properly place on the site, how to equip inside?


Hozblok for giving - what it is, the main types, what it is made of, sizes and options

In order to keep your land in order, you just need a whole lot of inventory and garden equipment. It is inconvenient and not very aesthetically pleasing to store all this in a residential building, therefore a utility block specially adapted for this purpose for giving is an indispensable thing for the competent organization of space.

What is a hozblok for a summer residence?

At first, you can decide that we are talking about an ordinary barn. However, a household block for a summer residence is a more versatile building, which, in addition to a room for storing inventory, can provide space for recreation, a workshop, a garage, a firewood shed or a bathroom. In this case, a separate building performs several functions at the same time, eliminating the need to erect many buildings randomly located on the site. At the same time, the configuration of the hozblok depends only on the wishes and imagination of the owner.

what is a hozblok for a summer residence

Types of hozblok

The market today offers a huge abundance of storage space configuration options. There is an opportunity to choose for yourself such a hozblok for giving, which is best suited for the goals set for it. The whole set of options can be divided into two main types:

  1. One-piece hozblok for giving. Such a structure is built once and for all, in some cases it even needs a stable foundation. As a rule, these are household blocks made of metal, wood or stone. Their main task is to provide protection from adverse weather conditions and be durable. In addition, choosing a stylish appearance of the building, you can additionally decorate the site with it.
  2. one-piece hozblok

  3. Collapsible hozblok for giving. A great option for those who come to their country house only for the summer. The collapsible design, which is easy to install, will perfectly cope with its everyday tasks in the warm season, and at the end of the season it can be assembled and closed in a warm and dry house along with all the inventory that was stored in it.
  4. collapsible hozblok

What is the hozblok for a summer residence made of?

The choice of material for such a multifunctional change house depends on the purpose of its use and the wishes of the owner. A modern hozblok for a summer residence can perform its functions and look great, no matter what it is made of, but in each case there are nuances. These days the most popular options are:

  • plastic lightweight structure;
  • metal deaf hozblok;
  • wooden summer house;
  • solid brick hozblok in the garden.

Plastic hozblok for giving

The easiest and fastest way to organize storage space in your yard. A plastic hozblok for summer cottages is a prefabricated structure of large elements in the form of walls, doors and other parts that are mounted on a reinforced frame. To install it, you only need a flat, solid platform, ideally sprinkled with sand and gravel, that is, you do not have to fill in a separate foundation. Such a hozblok is very easy to assemble, following the instructions, and just as easy to disassemble to hide for the winter. The construction of plastic has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • nice appearance;
  • a light weight;
  • various ready-made configuration options;
  • ease of assembly;
  • no need for periodic repairs.

hozblok plastic

Metal hozblok for giving

Another option for the quick construction of an economic change house. The hozblok for giving from a professional flooring consists of the framework made of galvanized steel profiles which is sheathed by corrugated steel sheets. Provided in this design and entrance doors made of durable metal. Such a prefabricated hozblok is easy to install, withstands the influence of frost and the pressure of a snow cap, although it is not suitable for keeping heat inside.

Having chosen a metal hozblok for your dacha, take care of a suitable surface for its installation: you will need a concrete or asphalted flat area, and in the absence of such, you can purchase a ready-made base. Summing up, we can cite the following advantages of this variant of the change house:

  • affordable price;
  • no need for a foundation;
  • material durability;
  • strength of all structural elements.

hozblok metal

Wooden hozblok for giving

A good compromise between a cold metal structure and a full-fledged stone building can be a building made of wood. Household blocks for summer cottages made of minibar or dry boards keep heat well, and if desired, they can be insulated and also used as temporary housing. In addition, they look good, decorating the site. And for this they do not even have to be painted or veneered. Wood can crack over time, and in this the wooden hozblok loses to a brick building, but immediately gains points in ease of construction and external aesthetics.

hozblok wooden

Hozblok made of bricks in the country

For active and year-round use, the best option for a multifunctional change house would be a full-fledged separate building on the site. To do this, you will have to get confused: draw up a project, pour the foundation and thoroughly approach the construction process. But the result will exceed all expectations — stylish household blocks for summer cottages made of bricks form a single ensemble with other buildings on the site and perform many useful functions that their owners wish. Their advantages include:

  • durability;
  • excellent thermal insulation;
  • functionality;
  • presentable appearance.

hozblok brick

Dimensions of the hozblok for giving

The dimensions of an economic change house directly depend on the functions that it must perform. A small hozblok for a summer residence can be intended, for example, for storing small garden tools and acting as a small firewood shed. Larger structures will allow them to contain equipment for cultivating the land, connect to a shower room, summer kitchen and even a garage. The hozblok for giving in a standard configuration is often made in dimensions of 3 by 3 m. However, any dimensions of structures from any materials are available for individual orders.

Options for household blocks to give

What functions, besides storage, can a change house on the site perform? Whatever the owner desires. The choice is limited only by your imagination and your own vision. A beautiful hozblok for giving should also be useful, and here are some options for functional tandems that are in demand more than others these days:

  • hozblok with shower and toilet;
  • hozblok with firewood;
  • hozblok with a terrace.

Hozblok with a shower and a toilet for a summer residence

There is no need to build several buildings on the site when you can save space and combine a place for storing things and inventory with hygiene facilities. A household block with a toilet for a summer residence is a convenient solution if there is no bathroom in a residential building or there is a need for an additional one. Having previously prepared a drain pit under the building, it is easy to equip a summer shower room indoors — for this it will be enough just to install a water tank on the roof and equip a drain.

hozblok with shower and toilet

It is best to build such a hozblok for your favorite dacha made of wood or brick. The fact is that the metal structure will be susceptible to corrosion due to intense exposure to moisture, and plastic will not provide proper durability to such a room. Thanks to additional accessories, such as rubber mats, waterproof curtains and convenient shelves, the hozblok can even become quite comfortable.

Hozblok with a firewood for a summer residence

With a storage room for all your garden tools, why not store the wood for the firewood in the same place? However, firewood needs air circulation so that it does not rot, that is, the best solution would be an open space under a canopy next to the change house. Hozbloki with a firewood shed for summer cottages can be of a wide variety of sizes for any household needs and volumes of firewood harvesting. The compartment for wood in them is completely open or with one or more walls made of boards with large slots for ventilation.

hozblok with firewood

Hozblok with a terrace for a summer residence

Private houses are often bought in order to have a place in the fresh air to relax and enjoy nature. Household chores for caring for the site can also be seen as a distracting change of activity. The hozblok for giving with a canopy over the terrace for relaxation will solve several problems at once: it will provide both a place for careful storage of inventory, and a platform for a cozy armchair, a coffee table or even a whole swing for pleasant gatherings in the evening with family and friends. The width and decorativeness of the terrace depend only on the needs and design vision of the owner.

hozblok with a terrace

How to place a hozblok on the site?

It would seem that what can affect the decision to place buildings on the site, except for the intention of its owner? However, there are strict building codes that determine, among other things, how far change houses should be located from residential premises to ensure fire safety. The greatest attention is paid to wooden buildings in which something flammable can be stored — they should be erected away from a residential building. According to the most general rules, the hozblok on the site should be at least:

  • in the 1st m to the site in the neighborhood;
  • 6 m to the nearest residential building;
  • 15 m to the barn with pets.

At the same time, measurements are made from the socles of buildings. If any of the parts of the building protrudes beyond its base more than 1 m, then it is worth starting to measure from the most protruding part of it. The corner hozblok for giving is the most difficult to measure, but it is recommended to take this issue seriously for your own safety and to avoid the need to pay fines.

How to equip a hozblok inside in the country?

The organization of space is a matter of individual convenience, but there is no doubt that it is desirable to organize it. Indeed, in a bare room, randomly littered with things, inventory and equipment, it is absolutely impossible to find anything, and the efficiency of its use is thus reduced to zero. Competent arrangement of the hozblok in the country will simplify the life of its owners and make the process of caring for the site much more pleasant.

how to equip a hozblok inside

At the disposal of those who want to put things in order in their change house, there are many options for organizing things: cabinets, shelves, hooks, cabinets, racks. Part of the wall can be adapted to hold all rakes, whisks and other hand tools with special pole clips. Hooks for small tools will allow you to quickly and on time find the right one, and wide shelves will make it possible to store cans of paint, thinner and other liquids without the risk of accidentally tipping them over.

Shelving in the hozblok in the country

Another way to keep things in order is to place them on shelf racks. The hozblok for inventory in the country is instantly transformed if you force it inside with all kinds of racks. They can be made independently or ordered ready-made in any configuration. By alternating corner or straight racks located along the walls, with free space where you can put large equipment or hang small tools by hooks on the wall, you can achieve a harmonious order and aesthetic appearance of the interior decoration of the hozblok.


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