Ideas for a country house


Ideas for a country house 0

It turns out that decorating your small house in a holiday village or village can be much more difficult than decorating an office or apartment. If you fill it without any system with modern furniture and new household appliances, then there will not be that atmosphere of comfort and warmth that people usually expect from this room. The owners will simply receive another copy of the urban interior, from which they dreamed of escaping to the countryside for a while. Here we need more interesting ideas for a country house, where original details play a huge role, which are rarely used in urban housing.

Ideas for the interior of a country house

  1. Fireplace in the living room.
  2. If you want to create a comfortable family nest in your country house by any means, then do not spare the money to build a stone fireplace. It is not necessary to build a huge structure from granite or marble; you can limit yourself to decorative stone-like tiles to build a stylized likeness of a classic room heating device. The main thing is that the decoration of the fireplace matches the given style, and it looks like a real symbol of warmth, peace and home comfort.

  3. Hanging swing chairs for a comfortable stay.
  4. The next idea for the design of a comfortable country house requires the allocation of a small place in the living room or bedroom for a seating area. Modern swings are also able to fit into a dacha stop, but it is better to take into account the style of the interior. If you have already furnished a house in Provence or country style, then do not buy a swing made of bright textiles, plastic or plexiglass, find interesting models made of wicker or rattan that will look more appropriate here.

  5. Living room or dining room with panoramic views of nature.
  6. When the living room or dining room overlooks the garden, the river or the forest, this can be advantageously used to implement another wonderful idea for decorating a country house. Install panoramic windows, they will not only flood the room with light, but also create an indescribable feeling of unity with nature.

  7. Lighting in country style for a country house.
  8. Many people buy more modern lighting fixtures for summer cottages, which do not look at all in a rustic setting. There are many LED or conventional lamps in the form of pendant or ceiling chandeliers, but decorated in an antique Provence or country style that can look harmonious even next to antique wooden furniture.

  9. Wicker furniture instead of a modern seating area.
  10. If you have a desire to recreate a rustic atmosphere in a country house, then you can use the great idea of ​​\u200b\u200bbuying a set of stylish wicker furniture for this. Light and elegant chairs, rocking chairs, original chests, coffee tables and other things will give the interior the right flavor and zest.


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