Installation of a fence from a professional flooring


Installation of a fence from a professional flooring

The choice of a fencing fence is an important stage in the design of a summer cottage. Installing a corrugated fence is a great idea to hide the area from prying eyes. It is considered the best in terms of price and quality. Such structures are widely used in private housing construction, due to the simple mounting assembly and the possibility of secondary use.

Installation of a fence from corrugated board can be done by hand, without additional costs for specialists and special equipment. Decking has a different height, thickness and ribbing, which will help fit it into any landscape and panorama of the site.

Advantages and procedure for installing a corrugated fence

The advantages of this structure include the lightness and strength of the material, resistance to temperature and humidity changes, inexpensive price.

The technology for installing a corrugated fence using metal supports is simple and uncomplicated. Installation does not require welding equipment. By and large, this is a constructor with the help of which it is easy to assemble the fence on your own using self-tapping screws and a screwdriver.

To get started, you need to prepare the material, equipment, tools for installation. For this you will need:

  • corrugated board;
  • metal supports;
  • transverse lags;
  • brackets;
  • self-tapping screws and drill;
  • manual drill;
  • rope, level.
  1. The first stage is the marking of the area. Marking poles are installed along the edges of the site. The rope is pulled at the height of the upper part of the fence.
  2. Places for the installation of poles are marked, the distance between them is 2.5 m.
  3. Installation of a fence from corrugated board5 Installation of a fence from corrugated board6
  4. In the marked places, holes are made with a diameter of 20-25 cm and a depth greater than the freezing depth of the soil for the area (approximately 1.5 m).
  5. Poles are installed vertically in dug pits, control is carried out by a level. Height is checked by stretched rope. The base of the pillars is concreted.
  6. The bracket is fixed at a distance of no more than one and a half meters from each other using metal screws.
  7. A hole is made in the brackets to facilitate work.
  8. Installation of a fence from corrugated board22 Installation of a fence from corrugated board23
  9. Transverse metal logs are installed and fixed with brackets. They allow installation without the use of welding equipment, reduce installation costs and protect the fence from damage.
  10. Plugs are put on top of the column.
  11. Installation of a fence from corrugated board30

  12. Fence panels are installed using metal screws, horizontalness is checked by a level.
  13. There are panels in which guides with grooves for the panels at the top and bottom are used as transverse logs.
  14. The top rail is installed last and secured with screws to the pole.
  15. Installation of a fence from corrugated board50

  16. For beauty, a decorative canvas can be fixed on top. Its height must be taken into account when installing the guides.
  17. The corrugated fence is ready. It combines high reliability, aesthetics and ease of installation.
  18. Installation of a fence from corrugated board61 Installation of a fence from corrugated board62

The fence does not require subsequent maintenance, since the material is galvanized and coated on top with a protective polymer from the damaging effects of the external environment during operation.

Installing a corrugated fence in the country house will protect against unnecessary intrusions and harmoniously emphasize the landscape of the territory. It will become a reliable fortress of the territory and will harmonize well with any interior due to the wide color palette, shapes and sizes.


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