Interesting ideas for giving


Interesting ideas for giving

If you are the owner of a country house or cottage, then you probably thought about how to embellish this place and make it interesting.

Landscape design of a summer cottage

It seems to many that a dacha is a place where there is so much greenery, because there is nature around. But modern designers have come up with many interesting options for how to beat this natural landscape and make a small natural world out of an ordinary summer cottage with unusual plants, ponds and many other ideas.

First of all, you can make various water structures. Water is considered the source of life, and this kind of construction is very popular in Japan. Options can be: fountains, a spring, a pond with fish, an ornamental pond, a waterfall or a pool. Through this kind of reservoirs, you can also throw a small wooden bridge, which will only decorate the site. When designing a pond, you need to choose the right colors, think about the presence of tall plants or washed-out banks. If you do not want to let fish into the pond, then frogs, snails, which will serve as water orderlies and clean the pond, can become an alternative. In the summer, you can run a turtle into such water. This place will be especially interesting and exciting for children, because they will be able to touch nature, learn to protect and love it.

Interesting ideas for decorating a summer house

One of the equally popular decorative solutions are garden paths. To do this, the space near the site is planted with lawn grass, and the paths themselves are laid out from large classic tiles or coarse stone. It all depends on the personal preferences of the owners.

Considering the most interesting ideas for giving, it is impossible not to note the gazebo. It can be of various sizes and shapes, made of various materials, decorated, openwork or sanded wood. Such structures are of closed and open types. It is important to consider what time of the year you prefer to use this gazebo.

Modern decorators offer such new interesting ideas for giving: a wicker fence near a tree, vertical gardening, a designer garden. Such ideas will delight the eye, and bring delicious, healthy fruits to your table. In this case, the garden is equipped with taste and according to the desired interior. Such a solution will help you competently and tastefully use the available space, streamline the landing and create excellent conditions for work and leisure. Zones for ornamental and edible plants can be of various shapes and combinations. You can separate such zones using a building material of any color and design.

No less interesting ideas for giving are associated with plants and flowers. A flowerbed of continuous flowering will become one of your favorite places that will decorate your cottage all year round. In addition to flowers, trees, shrubs, conifers can be used as decor. Near such landscaping, it would be appropriate to place lamps that will illuminate your garden paths during evening or night walks. Do not forget that in addition to the proposed ideas, you can decorate the site with the help of various decorative elements. It can be: large flowerpots, pots, marble sculptures, garden figures. In this case, the flight of your imagination and creative ideas can be unlimited.

Another important element will be a playground. Children will be happy to play in nature, where they will be surrounded by wooden figures and favorite characters. An integral attribute of children’s fun in the country will be the presence of a swing. Turn your site into a cozy, original place for your whole family to relax.


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