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Oriental design is of great curiosity among lovers of the culture of the land of the rising sun. The Japanese-style country house impresses with its simplicity of form and harmony; the facade is an open wooden structure. Such a structure resembles a frame of rafters covered with a pitched roof. Light sliding partitions, bamboo, glass, stone and wood are used along the perimeter — the main materials in the construction of a Japanese house. Part of the building is under a canopy, equipped with a terrace with wooden flooring.

Particular attention is paid to the landscape, compositions of water and stones, mini-waterfalls are used, they have a philosophical meaning.

Japanese style house design

In the interior of a Japanese-style house, the principle of free space must be observed. The main thing is sliding structures, they are present in everything and offer a magnificent view of the garden, the house is well ventilated. To divide the room, paper screens with national drawings are often used — sakura flowers, militant samurai.

In the center of the housing there should be a low table and chairs without legs or flat ottomans, near the wall — floor lamps, bamboo and ikebana.

In Japanese construction, everything is designed for life on the floor. The bed is low, without legs, with soft pillows. Upholstered furniture has simple geometric shapes and a small height.

In the color scheme, the leading role is played by natural shades — natural wood, bamboo, milky shade of rice paper. Cherry, brown, black scales are used for contrast. The walls can be decorated with colored fans.

A Japanese-style wooden house will create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. It emphasizes its closeness to nature and enables a person to focus on his inner world, contemplating beautiful landscapes.


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