Kitchen in the country


Kitchen in the country

Decorating the interior of the kitchen in the country is a rather difficult task. First you need to decide on the layout of the future kitchen. Sometimes the kitchen in the country is combined with the living room. But in any case, it is important for every housewife to move around the room as little as possible during the cooking process. It also takes less time to cook food. And this is important, because we all come to the country to relax.

Since the kitchen in the country is part of the common territory of a country house, its design should be in harmony with the general atmosphere of the whole house.

How to equip the kitchen in the country?

Home country style is especially suitable for decorating a country kitchen. An old chest of drawers, a table and chairs made of wood will find their place here. And old things from a grandmother’s chest will add a kind of zest to the interior of the kitchen. On open shelves and racks you can place dishes, jars of spices and various decorative elements. These shelves can be decorated with rustic napkins. The same can be the tablecloth on the table.

Instead of chairs along the table, you can put wooden benches covered with bright capes. If you prefer chairs, then change their upholstery to a brighter and more colorful one.

Suitable for the kitchen in the country and rustic Provence style with artificially aged furniture and decorative floral ornaments in the design.

Bamboo elements, such as curtains, will create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the country kitchen. Forest motifs are often used here: various dishes depicting a forest, paintings with forest landscapes. Vases with wild flowers will be a wonderful decoration for a country kitchen.

Many people like the traditional classic interior, in which you can also arrange a kitchen in the country. This style is characterized by light colors in furniture and wall decoration.

A variety of forged and wicker elements, a lot of textiles are the hallmarks of kitchen design in the country.


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