Lamps for giving


Lamps for giving

It is impossible to do millet without street lighting in the summer cottage. But would it be interesting if you install a standard metal pole and attach a light bulb to it, which will serve as a lamp? In this article, we propose to consider various options for providing lighting in the territory of your dacha, when using street lamps.

Lamps for the street on the territory of the cottage

The very first criterion when choosing lamps for the street at their summer cottage is the harmony of light and design solutions for the landscape and the house. In other words, the lighting must be well-chosen, focused and must necessarily emphasize the beauty of the landscape. The modern market offers a large selection of street lamps at their summer cottage, we will present the main ones.

  1. LED lamps for giving. Recently, such lighting has been actively used to illuminate the facades of houses and street relief expositions, as well as lamps for illuminating stairs. They are affordable and in addition look very nice.
  2. Ceiling lamps for summer cottages. It is very good to mount such lamps on the open porch of the cottage. They fit perfectly into the interior of the ceiling and do not clutter it up. In addition, they also provide a different number of light bulbs, thereby adjusting the required level of illumination.
  3. Outdoor pendant lights for summer cottages. This type of fixtures look great on high street poles or with a high canopy over a summer cottage veranda. Manufacturers offer different lengths of the pendant, so you can choose a product for every taste.
  4. Ground lamps for giving. These technical inventions are divided into two types: low and high. Moreover, they can be used in a combined way.
  5. Lamps from snags for giving. Similar wooden lamps for giving can be made independently. If the cottage is located in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe forest belt, it will not be difficult for you to find the right type of driftwood, make them the same length and use wire and a conductor with an incandescent lamp to build an original light source.
  6. Decorative lamps for giving. The lamp looks very interesting and unusual in the form of some decorative element that complements the overall picture exposition. It can be a butterfly in the grass, plafonds imitating lily flowers in a pond, etc.
  7. Properly selected outdoor lighting will help turn your summer cottage into a small corner of paradise.


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