Lamps for the garden


garden lamps

Installation of lamps for the garden is a special link of beauty and safety. A competent lighting system will allow you to quickly navigate the site and move around it without fear. Lighting can be both functional and decorative. The first provides orientation in space, and the second performs an aesthetic function.

Types of garden lamps

Garden lighting fixtures vary in appearance and purpose. Solar-powered outdoor garden lights are charged during the day to ensure that important areas are illuminated at night. They do not need to be connected to the power line. Widespread glowing stonesabsorbing solar energy during the day and giving it back at night in the form of a beautiful glow.

Decorative LED Lights for the garden, they create hidden lighting using a suitable type of support — stone, steps, tree crowns, ponds, building structures. Such lighting transforms the image of the garden at night. Beautiful illumination in lush vegetation creates a pleasant atmosphere in a place of secluded relaxation.

To illuminate the garden, both column lamps with balls and ground models that go deep into the ground, the floor of the gazebo, and the scaffold can be used. Recessed models are used as marking lighting to mark the contours of paths, entrance areas, steps, car parking and facilitate orientation. At spherical lamps the ceiling is made of frosted glass or plastic in the form of a ball, and the light is distributed in all directions. As a rule, they are quite bright.

Separately allocated wrought iron lamps for garden. Stained glass openwork elements, a combination of metal and glass will add mystery and charm to the site. They can be placed along the path or decorate the walls of the porch or gazebo.

Original lamps for the garden can look like butterflies, dragonflies, flowers or a high-rise structure modulating tree branches, animals. A gnome with a lamp looking out from under the bushes, a snail, a mushroom on a leg or a luminous frog under a leaf will give the site individuality and originality.

If you combine the functionality of lighting with its decorative effect, then the garden plot will look natural during the day and mysteriously in the evening. Lamps should harmoniously fit into landscape design and not contradict the style of buildings.


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