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A dacha is a special place where financially secure owners of a city apartment take a break from the hustle and bustle of a noisy metropolis. Its proper arrangement is a whole science, taking into account the smallest nuances of the choice of territory, the location of residential and commercial facilities, and the design of the surrounding landscape.

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Acquisition of a dacha

Before the construction of a residential building and outbuildings, geologists study the properties of the area, to which the project of a 15-acre site is later attached. Among them, the following are the most important.

Height of country land. Atmospheric precipitation accumulates in the lowlands, negatively affecting the integrity of structures. The implementation of artificial bedding using modern technologies takes a fairly significant amount of money, but is practically unable to correct the situation. Therefore, sites are traditionally selected on hills, which reduces the cost of construction work and reduces the rate of destructive processes.

The depth of underground aquifers directly controls the complexity of arranging an autonomous water supply by digging an artesian well, as well as the bearing capacity of the soil.

  • The presence of trees. Here, excess vegetation is cut down, and the stumps remaining after it are eliminated by uprooting. On the vacant territory, you can place the necessary buildings.
  • The depth of freezing of the earth controls the size of the hole dug before arranging the foundation.
  • Height differences throughout the area. If significant changes are detected, it will be necessary to level the soil with your own hands, or to create a horizontally located pile-type foundation.
  • The presence of a reservoir in a lowland indicates that the groundwater level is too high and the ground may be flooded in the spring.
  • The type of soil determines the difficulty of the work. For example, the presence of rocky, clay or peaty rocks will increase the complexity of construction operations.
  • The width and length of the territory controls the geometric shape of buildings intended for housing and farming.
  • The proximity of the centralized electrical network allows you to inexpensively bring electricity to the house.
  • Placing the cottage relative to the prevailing winds will help control year-round illumination, the heat-saving properties of the home, the well-being of garden plants, and the mood of the owners.


After the completion of all stages of the correct selection of a suitable territory, the laborious planning of a plot of 15 acres begins. It involves the formation of professional drawings with schemes of objects and predetermined parameters of the distance between them.

Creating a layout, design art specialists determine the optimal configuration of the main ones, as well as the possibility of adding future structures. These works are accompanied by a search for a place for a residential building, traditionally located on the north side.

The design of the veranda will acquire operational comfort and an excellent appearance if it is placed on the south side. The next steps suggest creating a garden area with a corner of real wildlife.

In the ordered zone of green spaces, an effective system of watering plants is being assembled, attractive paths are being built from natural materials, and landscape design of the site is being carried out. When creating a recreation area, the structures of the swimming pool, as well as barbecue and games areas, are installed.

Quite comfortable gazebos, artificial ponds and beautiful benches become an excellent addition. A comfortable relaxation zone is traditionally created at the end of construction work, which greatly simplifies the determination of the location and types of objects under construction during the space planning process.

Choosing a design style

When drawing up a correct plan for a summer cottage, the designer determines the style in which the design of a plot of 15 acres will take place. Owners of private homes are given the opportunity to choose one of the most common options.


The greatest simplicity is possessed by regular site layout schemes that respect the symmetry and maximum accuracy of the lines being formed. This method is chosen by insufficiently rich people who are unable to fully pay for the services of an experienced designer, as well as those who are afraid to make many irreparable mistakes in the process of arranging structures.

According to its rules, all household, garden and residential objects are placed symmetrically with respect to the chosen axis.


The summer residents who ordered it get the freedom to choose structures that are usually present on an uneven landscape with irregular geometry. The inconvenience caused by elevation changes and incorrect form disappears after the construction of artificial slides, as well as winding paths.

This style provides an illusory chaotic arrangement of objects and the absence of symmetrical lines. To form a spectacular look, all elements of alpine slides, compact reservoirs, natural decor and forged structures are carefully thought out.


This style helps to make individual changes to the landscape, which already contains the constructions of the main objects. Then the new landowner is forced to independently come up with a site plan that provides for the integration of the existing design with future changes.

Experienced designers have found that the regular style of placement of structures is in harmony with the coordinates of additional landscape details.

Zoning of the territory

When drawing up a plan for a suburban area, the cardinal points on which residential, relaxation and economic areas are located are necessarily taken into account.

Facilities Zone

The best side for the construction of a residential building and other structures for economic purposes is the north. Such an arrangement will improve the visibility of the garden, vegetable garden and recreation area. Too little light will penetrate through the window openings of the bedroom and living room on the north side, which will worsen the mood of the owners.

If people do not like to see open space and contemplate fences that are too high, they are advised to grow vine or blackberry hedge bushes.


When trees are planted around the dwelling, it is necessary to take into account their future growth and the formation of a shadow in which the living quarters will be. Before planning a plot of a suburban area, the design of the irrigation system is designed and the sides of the plantings are selected.

For example, for the full development of currants, a shadow is needed, and most other types of flora consume natural light radiation. To facilitate access to garden structures, paths are built from natural materials.

The modern garden has become an element that is in perfect harmony with the overall style, looking like small neat beds with vegetables and edible greens. When it is formed, it is planned to have perennial or annual crops. If you plant special satellite plants, you can create attractive floristic compositions from compatible species. The advantages of annual seedlings allow you to change the appearance of the garden and flower beds every year.

Relaxation zone

When a recreation area plan is drawn up, it is recommended to consider a photo of a plot of 15 acres. A person with the appropriate skills and knowledge will quickly get an excellent result.

If the owner has enough money, he is recommended to order the services of a company specializing in the design of recreation areas. For children, you can build a compact playground with a sandbox, swings and horizontal bars. For adults, a gazebo, a swimming pool and a barbecue area are quite suitable.

Photo of landscape design on a plot of 15 acres

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