Log gazebos


log gazebos

A beautiful picture of a wooden country house, surrounded by greenery and flowers, framed by smooth paths and a beautiful fence, can be complemented by an equally beautiful and useful gazebo made of logs. It will become a salvation from the heat, a place for cozy gatherings and meals in the fresh air.

The advantages of arbors from chopped logs

The so-called log house or building made of chopped logs is a wonderful decoration of the garden landscape and an addition to the Russian-style house. The log itself, which has retained its natural shape, carries the right energy.

With the help of chopped logs on a suburban area, compositions in a truly “wooden style” come out very well — rustic, country, Russian, more than appropriate in the country.

In general, the method of building a structure using logs is quite ancient. Even before our era, our ancestors actively used this technology for the construction of dwellings. And today, such gazebos and houses are the most natural and environmentally friendly buildings.

In addition, such a solid garden arbor made of logs is a guarantee of durability, strength, and reliability. Each design looks original and incredibly colorful. Not to mention the positive energy fullness and beneficial effect on the well-being of the hosts and guests.

Another advantage of arbors for summer cottages made of logs is great variability. This means that you can fold a simple open-type rectangular structure with benches, or you can build a more complex closed log gazebo that can serve as a summer kitchen or barbecue.

Types of wooden arbors from a log

By design, they can be square, rectangular, six- or octagonal, as well as combined. Depending on the planned operation of the gazebo, it can be made open, semi-closed or closed.

An open gazebo will serve you in the warm season. Railings, floor and roof will not protect you from frost and winds. But in the summer it will be very pleasant to enjoy the breeze and the warmth of the sun.

Half-closed gazebos suggest that only one of the walls will be completely open. In such a gazebo, you can equip an oven or a barbecue and enjoy fresh air and delicious food.

Pergolas of a closed type are essentially a mini-house with a door and windows. Such a structure can be used all year round, since you will be completely protected from cold and wind, especially since in most cases a stove, fireplace or heater is installed inside. In some cases, there is a combination of baths and gazebos from a log.


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