Log houses


Log houses

Houses made of chopped logs have been pleasing us for more than one millennium. The technology of their construction has passed through centuries of testing. There are several techniques that shape the appearance of a home. Depending on your taste, choose Russian, Canadian or Norwegian cutting.

Pros and cons of a house made of chopped logs

The condition of a wooden house made of chopped logs depends, first of all, on the quality of the material. In order for it to serve for a long time and look beautiful, it is important for construction to select one species of trees, using only an ax at the most crucial moments of work. From contact with this ancient tool, wood loses its ability to crack. The best are buildings from trees grown in the northern regions, with a fine-layer structure.

Hand-built houses from chopped logs protect moss from blowing and dampness better than any artificial insulation. Being a natural antiseptic, it retains the original appearance of wood for a long time. The only negative that we will face during construction is the long term. In order to get a warm hut that has survived more than one hundred years, we must make patience and time our allies.

The best option for living is a house made of six-meter logs with cuts in some places. In such cases, uniform shrinkage occurs, which is important for its further operation. One-story log houses often have a gable roof that rests on a centrally designed wall. The huts are created in such a way that the rafters have good internal and external supports, which add reliability to the dwelling and protect the logs from getting wet.

Log house interior

The natural beauty of the material does not require special additions. The interior is created by nature itself together with the atmosphere reigning in the house. Not surprisingly, the favorite style of residents is a truly home country. The nobility of the walls combined with natural fabrics, furniture, handmade decor items and an abundance of flowers will help us escape from the bustle of the city.

National traditions, pronounced in the “Russian hut” style, can be fully displayed in a house made of chopped logs. The floor and furniture, decorated with carved patterns, must be chosen from the array. The style requires the presence of a hearth and decor items in the form of embroidery or lace, panels or stained glass windows. In the design, modern materials, household appliances and equipment that they try to hide from the eyes will be out of place.

The Scandinavian style is no less demanding on the presence of natural materials. It is characterized by an abundance of sunlight that enters the hut through large windows. Spacious rooms are usually filled with rustic but functional light furniture to match the walls and ceilings. A feature of the style are pronounced accents.

Modern is one of the most interesting trends, which is sometimes chosen for a house made of chopped logs. The uniqueness of the structure is always displayed in architecture. Style does not oblige to adhere to strict and clear lines, therefore, all kinds of arches and stairs, rises and transitions are presented to our eyes.

The classic that never goes out of fashion is the exact opposite of modern. She welcomes the tree, but with it luxury and wealth. Those who are not indifferent to this style often choose neoclassicism, which allows for a touch of modernity.

There are many options for homesteads, satisfying a variety of tastes and requirements. The main thing is to adhere to harmony, both inside the house and in the neighborhood with other buildings, which, like a magnet, will pull you to its nest.


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