Mediterranean style house


Mediterranean style house 0

The Mediterranean Sea washes a lot of countries with completely different religions and cultures. At the same time, everywhere in the interior of the living space and in the facade there is something in common, some small or large features that instantly catch the eye. Very often, in appearance, beautiful Mediterranean-style houses, separated by water, have more similarities with each other than with their continental neighbors, located much closer. The fact is that coastal cities are forever connected by a common climate, history and ancient traditions that have left an indelible imprint on architecture.

Mediterranean style house interior

There are two directions in this style — Greek and Italian. But everywhere you will not find a tendency to pathos, congestion of the interior with some unnecessary lush elements, excessive luxury. Flooring is very rarely used here, except for small bedside rugs or mats made from reeds and other plants. Instead of chic curtains, curtains made of natural fabrics are used, or window openings are not closed at all.

In the Greek style, the walls are whitewashed, covered with wooden panels, finished with tiles, rough textured plaster. Brick is mainly used for facing the fireplace and the space around it. In the Italian direction, there is plaster of predominant terracotta, olive or ocher color. For decoration, mosaics, decorative plaster and frescoes are used here. Mediterranean-style home furniture should be purchased in handmade oak or pine. For the Greek direction, white, blue and emerald coloring of the facades is more suitable. For an Italian-style home, it is better to buy furniture in warm terracotta, red-pink, cream or brick colors.

Mediterranean style house facade

In its classical form, such a structure is a sandstone dwelling, usually painted in snow-white color, surrounded by olives or fruit plants. A country house in the Mediterranean style has small window openings with shutters, it is covered with tiles or the roof is made flat. City buildings almost always have small balconies, which caring housewives decorate with flower pots. The estate is often equipped with a terrace and courtyard. The design of the Mediterranean-style house is reminiscent of country with its simplicity, it is perfect for those who love a peaceful, calm atmosphere and closeness to nature.


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