Metal fence made of corrugated board


Metal fence made of corrugated board

If you want to install a reliable and durable fence in the country that will hide you from prying eyes, pay attention to the metal fence made of corrugated board. In addition, it will be not only functional, but also beautiful.

Advantages of corrugated fences

Decking or metal profile is a steel sheet with a relief surface. This material has excellent load-bearing capacity, it is durable and resistant to all weather conditions. The metal profile can withstand both very low and fairly high air temperatures. The profiled sheet in the product is not deformed and does not sag. A polymer or galvanized coating applied to both sides of the sheet will protect the fence from corrosion and destruction. In addition, these metal sheets have a wide variety of colors. A fence for a dacha made of metal corrugated board will cost you relatively inexpensively, and it is mounted quite quickly.

The height of corrugated metal sheets can be different. This is very convenient, because they can be chosen, taking into account the unevenness of the soil in your area. Caring for such a fence is quite simple, it is enough to wash the fence with a hose as needed.

Sheets of metal profiles are attached to metal poles, however, brick or even stone supports can be installed. Two or three transverse metal jumpers or logs in the form of a pipe are attached to these pillars, on which the corrugated sheet is mounted. If necessary, a gate and a gate can be installed from the same profiled sheet. Then the whole structure will look like a single whole.

In addition to the fence made of corrugated board, it is very popular today to use a metal picket fence to fence summer cottages. This material will make the fence less massive and bulky.


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