Metal fences for summer cottages


Metal fences for summer cottages

To protect their summer cottage from strangers, many owners often install a metal fence around it. It is made from a profiled metal sheet or mesh. Such a product is practical and durable, reliable and durable, and the price for it is quite acceptable. At the same time, a metal fence should correspond to the general style of the house and the landscape design of the garden plot. Only then will a metal fence for a summer residence be both functional and aesthetic.

Types of metal fences for summer cottages

The simplest and most popular for giving is a fence made of metal corrugated board. It is mounted on a frame consisting of pillars fixed in the ground. Logs are welded to these supports, on which sheets of corrugated board are attached. Such a fence will serve as a reliable protection for a summer cottage for a long time. It provides good sound insulation, protects against dust and wind and does not require special care. You can choose a fence covering from corrugated board in a variety of shades, thanks to which the fence will look harmonious against the background of the general view of the summer cottage.

Another type of durable and beautiful fencing for a summer residence is a metal picket fence. It is made from sheet steel coated with a colored polymer composition. Thanks to this, a fence made of such a picket fence is not afraid of moisture, fungus, does not swell and does not shrink. A special zinc coating perfectly protects it from corrosion and rust.

Thanks to modern technologies, a metal picket fence is produced with imitation of other materials, which allows such a fence to fit better into the overall look of a summer cottage. And thanks to the ability to adjust the gaps between the fences, you can create, at your discretion, either a deaf or a transparent fence.

A fence for giving from a metal mesh chain-link is the cheapest type of country fence. The mesh can be PVC-coated or galvanized, which makes it anti-corrosion. Such a mesh fence is durable and strong, it is easy to install, and it looks quite aesthetically pleasing. But such a fence does not block the light and does not prevent the movement of air masses. For a chain-link fence, no special care is needed.

Depending on the method of fastening, fences made of metal mesh are stretched, in which the mesh is attached directly to the supporting posts, or sectional. The latter option looks more attractive, and its installation is easier, since the chain-link mesh is pre-fixed on the frame, and then such sections are mounted on poles.


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