Metal siding ship plank


Metal siding ship plank

Siding is a finishing building material used for wall cladding, protecting them from the effects of negative factors, as well as for the purpose of decorative finishing of buildings. This material retains its original appearance and color for a long time, it is resistant to direct sunlight, does not require complex maintenance, it can simply be washed with water from a hose. Siding is very easy to install, it is moisture resistant, fireproof, resistant to mechanical damage, and at the same time does not have a high price.

Siding profile — shipboard

Modern manufacturers produce a large number of different types of metal siding that imitate various building materials, one of them is a ship board.

Metal siding shipboard, being a stylization of plank upholstery, in modern construction is one of the most popular, one might say, classic. The shape of this corrugated board contributes to its quick installation, as well as operation. Most often it is used for horizontal wall finishing, panels, hermetically joining each other, and, having additional stiffeners, provide structural strength for a long time.

Metal siding, made to look like a ship’s board, very accurately copies the surface finished with timber, so it is universal, its design is ideal for decorating completely different buildings. The demand for it is also growing because it has a huge variety of textures and colors.

When decorating residential buildings, the most common is the use of panels that imitate the texture of various types of wood; public and industrial buildings are usually faced with panels that have colors characteristic of the owner’s company logos.


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