Mineral plaster for facades


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Facade decoration is a creative and laborious process. If, until recently, home owners tried to use either a very budget option in the form of siding, or an expensive one in the form of stone, now we have something in between. Mineral facade plaster is in no way inferior in its decorative qualities to natural materials, while its cost can already be safely called affordable.

Decorative mineral plaster for facades

The main components of mineral facade plaster are quartz with marble, or rather crumbs, as well as mineral components that make the coating completely water-repellent.

Mineral plaster for facades has both strengths and weaknesses. The latter include the need to very clearly observe all proportions when mixing, choose a certain weather, since the temperature directly affects the result. There are not so many color solutions, but this issue can also be solved by painting the walls after complete drying.

But the facade mineral plaster with the effect of bark beetle, after complete drying, will faithfully serve you for ten years. This coating is completely vapor-permeable, which makes it possible to use it on any walls. Due to the components of the mixture, after drying, it will not succumb to all sorts of fungi and similar problems.

Decorative mineral plaster for facades is also good because it is absolutely safe in terms of environmental friendliness. You can wash such a wall without fear with all the main counting substances. Under the influence of external factors, mineral plaster for facades successfully retains its original appearance, even severe frost is not terrible for it. This is an excellent compromise between the decorative and economic component of wall covering for the house.


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