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Covering the roof with ondulin has long ceased to be an innovation. Lightweight corrugated material, which reliably protects the roof from leakage, is gradually gaining market share. It consists of cellulose fibers, bitumen, resin and mineral pigments. It is used in construction by individuals and industrial enterprises.

Signs of ondulin quality

When buying ondulin, carefully look at this material. Masters name a number of signs that can greatly facilitate your choice. The standard sheet has ten waves 9.5 cm long, 36 mm high and 3 mm thick with a smooth, uniform cut. Each of them must be computer-labeled with the name of the ondulin, the country code of the manufacturer, the date of production and the batch number. All the accessories for the sheets also have the company marking. Currently, the product range has been expanded with small sheets and narrower products designed for heavy loads.

Mounting Tips

To fit an ondulin sheet to the desired size, it is enough to prepare a construction knife or a hacksaw for work. Instructions are included with the purchase, which must be read and followed. It is your warranty card if you want the ondulin roof to stand without problems for many years.

Experts advise not to proceed with installation if the temperature outside exceeds 30 ° C. The heat increases the plasticity of the sheets and it becomes inconvenient to work with them, especially for a novice builder. In frosty weather, it is also undesirable to climb onto the roof, except to repair a small area. In addition, you risk your health.

For marking, it is advisable to replace straight objects such as a ruler with an unnecessary piece of sheet. So that the hacksaw does not clog when we cut off the excess part, it is enough to periodically moisten it with water. It is ideal for this purpose to use a jigsaw, the knife of which is cleaned by sawing a wooden beam.

Each sheet has markings for fastening with nails. It is not worth deviating from the rules and changing their number. Before installation, make sure that the material lies evenly, since it is almost impossible to dismantle it without damage. It is recommended to practice a checkerboard stacking order to avoid four sheets at the junction. To do this, you need to start even rows from the half part, and all work from the lower slope on the windless side of the building. You can not stretch the ondulin and walk on it between the waves.

Disadvantages of ondulin

Ondulin is a very good covering for the roof of a house or gazebo. But like other roofing materials, it has its drawbacks. It is combustible, but spontaneous combustion is excluded, it has the property, only, to maintain combustion when it enters the fire. The material tends to lose color brightness, but this process occurs gradually. It takes more than ten years to lose the dye. Despite this, an ondulin roof will still keep warm in your home, as its waterproofing properties do not disappear. In addition, the sheets can be painted with water-based acrylic paint.

There is an opinion that ondulin is not durable. Such information is disseminated due to violations of its installation. There have been many experiments that have proven otherwise. The maximum allowable load per square meter of material is 960 kg. Many are alarmed by its roughness, which in winter does not allow snow to roll off the roof, although for others it is a virtue that preserves our health from sudden snowfall.

An ondulin roof can easily stand for 15 years, provided it is properly installed. It is for this period that you receive a guarantee from manufacturers.


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