outdoor lamps


outdoor lamps

The choice of lighting for the local area primarily depends on the main purpose of outdoor lamps, which can perform both a practical and decorative function.

Types of fixtures

All lamps are divided into two types: lamps of daylight and night light. The first ones are more intended for aesthetic purposes, the second type is for lighting paths, the entrance to the house, gazebos.

According to the type of fastening, the following main types of outdoor lamps for the home are distinguished:

  • wall;
  • ground;
  • floor lamps;
  • mushroom;
  • cabinets;
  • floating (for a pool or pond);
  • portable.

Main characteristics

Outdoor street lighting luminaires must meet quality standards and have special characteristics:

  1. Glass. This material, of course, performs a decorative function, but despite the artistic value, the glass must be sufficiently impact resistant.
  2. Protection class. Outdoor luminaires must be waterproof and protected from dust and other small particles inside the device. The international classification system provides for several groups of this equipment. When choosing models for the pond and pool, as well as lighting under water, it is imperative to take into account the class of protection and water resistance.
  3. Comfort and economy. Modern technologies allow you to save resources with comfort. A great example is outdoor home lighting fixtures with motion or voice sensors.
  4. Functionality. For even more comfort, you can purchase models with the ability to adjust the intensity of light and even with a built-in fan.
  5. Resistance to damage by corrosion. This characteristic depends on the quality of the materials used for the manufacture of outdoor luminaires.


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