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Being engaged in the arrangement of landscape design, the question often arises of choosing tiles for the street. To do this, you need to evaluate the decorative features of the coating and take into account its purpose. Outdoor flooring is a practical finishing material that opens up great opportunities for creativity.

Outdoor tiles in landscape design

Tiles on the street are used for finishing stairs, verandas, porches, garden paths, courtyard areas. The design of a recreation area, gazebos, open terraces is not complete without a tiled coating. A practical option for using street tiles is considered to be flooring for the driveway, parking.

There are many styling options. You can choose a tile of the desired color, size, texture and lay it out in the form of any pattern. For example, paths can be made wavy, spiral, using steps and decorative borders.

To create an attractive pattern on a front yard or on a garden path, a combination of two colors in a coating is often sufficient.

Street tiles must be non-slip. This allows you to protect yourself from falls and injuries during icing or getting wet. Basically, paving stones, clinker, porcelain stoneware, rubber, concrete, paving slabs are suitable for this.

Rubber tile for the street remains non-slip even when wet. It is great for finishing steps and porches. Overhead polyurethane tiles for the street can be glued to any hard surface — asphalt, concrete, metal. Its advantage is that it retains anti-slip characteristics in any weather, does not retain pollution.

Varieties of street tiles

There are many types of outdoor tiles of various shapes and textures.

Outdoor ceramic tiles — the most famous coating. It is produced by firing, which gives the coating strength. The ceramic surface is rough, which makes it possible to walk on it in winter and during rain. Ceramics are cheap and easy to install.

Outdoor granite tiles conquers with its naturalness, practicality, functionality and aesthetics. Granite may contain inclusions of mica, quartz. Shades of the product vary from red, pink to grayish.

The original natural pattern of granite becomes a unique element of street design. The surface treatment of tiles can be polished or rough. Rough textures are used for the streets, as they do not slip.

Clinker tiles for the street considered to be of the highest quality. Thanks to a special technology, the product is very durable and non-porous. For finishing the passages, models with solid steps or tiles with a side are produced. Clinker perfectly resists weathering, wear-resistant, is widely used for finishing entrances, platforms, terraces.

Plastic tiles for the street consists of polymers, sand and coloring pigment. According to its form, it can be divided into garden parquet with a wood pattern, and modular flooring, which are easy to install and are distinguished by bright colors. Modular tiles have cells, which ensures the safety of passing through them in wet weather conditions. Such material is much cheaper than other options.

Modern models of street tiles allow you to choose an interesting coating for the landscape, which will ennoble the site and update the appearance of the adjacent territory, giving it an aesthetic appearance. The tile will make the yard cozier and more beautiful.


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