Outdoor Tiles


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Modern tiles can be used for outdoor work — they can decorate the facade, decorate the veranda, arch or porch. During freezing and subsequent thaw, such material will not burst or crumble, and will retain its original appearance for a long time. A variety of shapes, textures, types and colors will give an individual look to any structure.

Varieties of tiles for outdoor use

The tile for external works happens floor and facing. Floor — is divided into concrete and paving stones, it gives a neat look to courtyards, landscape gardening paths, sidewalks.

Facing tiles for outdoor work can be gypsum, tile, porcelain stoneware, imitate stone or any natural material. It is used for the final finishing of facades, plinth, columns, architectural details.

Porcelain stoneware has the appearance of a stone, is not inferior to it in strength and reliably protects the surface from destructive influences, has an anti-slip surface, frost resistance. Due to its durability, it can be used for wall decoration or as outdoor flooring.

With the help of decorative plaster tiles for outdoor work, you can create an imitation of brick, sandstone, buta. It can be painted in the desired color, the material is light and quickly mounted.

Tiles for outdoor work transform the surface, you can lay out an outdoor pool with a mosaic with a pattern, marble products will decorate steps, a porch, a foundation, and extend their service life. The walls covered with marble slabs are not afraid of precipitation, temperature changes and atmospheric influences.

A variety of outdoor tiles will allow you to decorate the landscape design of the site and the appearance of the building, choose the right option for any design solution.


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