Outdoor trampoline — accessories, rating of the best, installation features


Outdoor trampoline - how to choose, features of models with a grid and a roof, inflatable and built-in version

Children and sometimes even adults need a little to be happy — a fun company and active games. A street trampoline can help in the realization of these desires. Thanks to a simple design, it will be possible not only to have fun and actively spend time, but even improve health through physical activity.

How to choose a trampoline?

When purchasing such a design as a trampoline on the street, professionals recommend paying attention to the following parameters:

  1. Jump zone diameter. It happens from 100 to 450 cm. The child needs a minimum of 122 cm in diameter.
  2. Coating. For long-term use, you need to choose a material that allows moisture to pass through or repel it.
  3. Maximum load. The indicator ranges from 50 to 220 kg. Exceeding will cause the material to break.
  4. Protective mesh. A garden trampoline for kids must be equipped with it, for adults according to personal preference.
  5. Number of springs. They are from 34 to 108 pieces. The more of them, the higher you can jump.
  6. Protective mats. An important attribute for the safety of falling in the area of ​​​​springs. For games, a layer of foam rubber of 12 cm is enough, for professional training — at least 14 cm.
  7. Number of racks. They can be from 4 to 10 pieces. The more, the better the stability of the structure.
  8. Frame metal thickness. Outdoor trampoline for children should have a parameter of 1.2 mm. Adult — from 1.8 mm.

Outdoor trampoline with safety net

On sale there are models with an external and internal location. At the same time, each has its own pros and cons. For example, a street trampoline for children with an external mesh does not protect the jumper from contact with the springs. The nets are located within the active recreation area, even with foam protection, injury is possible. The walls and the canvas have a non-closed joint, into which a hand or foot can accidentally slip.

This option is preferable for adults who coordinate their movements well and will calculate the strength of the jump and the possible landing site. It is better for kids to buy an outdoor trampoline with an internal mesh. In this version, the springs and racks are outside the jump zone, which minimizes injuries. In addition, the joint is tightly closed, which means that a small foot or hand will not accidentally slip into it.

outdoor trampoline with safety net

Outdoor trampoline built into the ground

A safer design that requires some preparation of the area. For installation, you need to provide a free space of about 3 m around the perimeter. In addition, the safety zone around should be at least 1.5 m. Similar structures are delivered assembled. Built-in children’s outdoor trampolines have features:

  • a wide variety of models;
  • ease of installation;
  • soft sides;
  • withstand weight up to 100 kg.

outdoor trampoline built into the ground

outdoor inflatable trampoline

This option is used as an attraction. The inflatable trampoline on the site differs from other types, because it has many different additions and a bright appearance. Some models are equipped with slides or even a pool. Several children can have fun on them at the same time, because they are made of high-strength PVC material. Some models can withstand loads up to 120 kg. In order to inflate the trampoline, it is recommended to use a compressor that constantly supplies air.

The installation site must be well ventilated and protected from direct sunlight. Designs are designed for children from 2 to 12 years old to play, and they can make low jumps, but no more. Currently, various options can be found on sale, for example, a castle, labyrinths, a ship, and so on.

outdoor inflatable trampoline

Outdoor trampoline with roof

A similar addition may be in a structure with a protective zone, or in an inflatable version. Such an outdoor trampoline for a playground in a private house will help protect kids from sunburn while they play inside. In addition, the surface of the trampoline will not heat up, which means you can safely jump on it without socks. The roof can be fabric, which is stretched over the entire diameter of the playing area and fixed on racks. On an inflatable structure, it is an addition and inflates along with the rest of the details.

outdoor trampoline with roof

Outdoor trampoline accessories

For long-term operation, it is important to properly care for the structure. To do this, you need to purchase the necessary components. A street trampoline for giving should have accessories:

  • springs;
  • edge protection;
  • ladder;
  • jump mat;
  • anchor;
  • cases.

Street trampoline rating

Among all the proposed models, buyers and professionals distinguish:

  1. EVO JUMP Internal 8ft (Sky). This model combines German quality and low cost. Withstands weight up to 150 kg. Frame made of steel and polypropylene.
  2. EVO JUMP Internal 8ft

  3. Eclipse Jumper 10FT. The body is made of durable steel, and the mat is made of heavy-duty polypropylene and permatron, which allows a person weighing up to 150 kg to jump. Comes with a ladder.
  4. Eclipse Jumper 10FT

  5. Spring Free M18. One of the best children’s outdoor trampolines. It is completely safe due to the original arrangement of the racks.
  6. Spring Free M18

  7. Swollen Classic 12 FT (Green/Blue). Able to withstand a weight of 160 kg. The mat is held by 72 wear-resistant springs.
  8. Swollen Classic 12FT

  9. UNIX line 8 ft inside (blue). The diameter of the mat is 2.44 m, and the wall height is 1.65 m. This size can withstand several children at once. The model has 48 springs.
  10. UNIX line 8ft inside

  11. Outdoor Trampoline Swat. Often used for sports. It has a large number of springs that are closed for safety.
  12. street trampoline swat

Outdoor trampoline installation

Deliver the purchase in boxes unassembled. Installation is easy if you follow certain rules. A trampoline for the garden is assembled according to the following scheme:

  1. Start with a circular frame. Connect arc elements. The holes on the arcs should be directed upwards.
  2. Collect the legs and insert them into the grooves on the frame. Turn over and check the fit of the elements.
  3. Straighten the mat and prepare the springs for fastening. After engaging the first one, the next one is attached opposite. After another pair is fixed perpendicular to the previous one. Start moving in a circle, skipping two loops.
  4. Racks are assembled, and the net is straightened on a trampoline. After that, prepared racks are threaded through it. The latter are screwed to the frame, creating a protective wall around the mat.
  5. If available, they assemble a ladder and cling to the frame.
  6. The legs are fixed on the surface of the earth with sandbags.


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