Panels for finishing the facades of private houses


panels for finishing facades of private houses 0

Panels for finishing the facades of private houses allow solving the problem of thermal insulation of buildings, improving their appearance. In addition, the surface of the structure itself should not be subject to rotting and corrosion, be resistant to frost and sunlight. For the production of panels, materials of natural or synthetic origin are used — stone chips, wood fibers, porcelain stoneware, polyvinyl chlorides, aluminum, various polymers.

Varieties of panels for facade decoration

Today there are a variety of materials for exterior wall decoration.

Plastic panels for finishing the facade of the house can imitate wood, marble, brick, glass, stone. In terms of format, the material is represented by large or small-sized models, long narrow slats, sandwich panels.

For their production, polymers with the addition of modifiers and dyes are used, such a structure will not be damaged by microorganisms and bacteria, they will not fade and will not change their shade. Plastic attracts with its inexpensive cost and durability.

Panels for finishing the facade of a house under stone or brick they visually imitate natural materials very plausibly, and in terms of weight they are much lighter than the original and have a lower cost. This cladding is in perfect harmony with modern roofing materials. For their production, special laminates, polymers, resin, stone powder are used.

With this material, you can finish the entire wall of the building or its individual parts, combine different shades to design contrasting masonry for the basement, window or doorways. Products easily tolerate temperature changes, ultraviolet exposure, humidity.

The panels have hidden edges for a seamless cladding. They are attached to each other without the use of solutions and glue. Among the shades of stone and brickwork, you can choose brown, yellow, gray, green, burgundy, even black. The texture of the material is varied — smooth, chipped, rough, corrugated.

The naturalness and visual appeal of panels for natural materials have made them quite popular for external wall decoration.

Finishing the facade of the house can be done siding panels — they have a structure under a tree, lining, a bar, a brick, a stone. Siding is aluminum or PVC, has a wide range of colors. The surface of the panels can be embossed or smooth. It is weather resistant, light weight and easy to install. The material is attached to the facade of the house using a frame made of wooden beams or metal profiles. The panels are fixed to each other using a system of internal locks and self-tapping screws.

Siding panels look interesting in combination with different materials, for example, with a stone-look plinth finish.

Facade panels — the visiting card of the building

Decorative panels for finishing the facade of the house can be used to decorate the basement level, walls, arches, window or door openings, columns, filing cornices. For the most part, they have an external coating, smooth or rough, imitating a beautiful texture, and give the facade an attractive appearance.

Any facade panels make the exterior of the house more modern.

A variety of shapes and textures allows you to choose a material that can fit into the landscape design of the site or harmoniously stand out from it and increase the performance of the building. Such material allows for a short time to make the facade of the building neat and beautiful.


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