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The use of plants on the facade has a positive effect on the appearance of a country house, miraculously transforming the appearance of its walls. Lush leaves and colorful bright flowers add charm and create a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, the use of plants on the facade reduces daily temperature fluctuations for the wall surface, delays surface contamination, purifies the air and generally improves the microclimate of the local area.

Variety of plants for the facade

For decorating the walls of the house, ampelous plants hanging down are best suited, they form real waterfalls of flowers and foliage, from which you can create a variety of compositions. For this, it is appropriate to use bindweed, matthiola, pelargonium, begonia, marigolds, petunia, chrysanthemum and much more.

The veranda, twined with blue clematis, looks amazingly beautiful. And the mountain clematis from spring to the very frosts will decorate the fence or partition with a white and pink flower pillow.

There are magnificent varieties of climbing roses that bloom for a very long time, emit an amazing aroma and fascinate with their colors. They can decorate small niches and piers between windows. Roses need to be attached to wooden slats or supports so that they do not sag under the weight of flowers.

Especially popular are climbing green plants for use on the facades of houses, for example, lush creepers, ivy, grapes, hops, honeysuckle. They grow upwards, wrapping their flexible stems around vertical supports.

Green ivy will easily tighten the walls and fences of the building, forming dense thickets, the main thing is to install trellises or cellular nets for weaving for it. Wild grapes can create a company for him. He can easily entangle the first floor of the house, and in the fall he will surprise the owners with red paints.

Lianas are a wonderful plant for decorating walls. They are perennial and will take root for a long time in the allotted area to delight people with their greenery. There are beautiful flowering vines such as hydrangea and campsis.

Hops, with their buds and blooms, make an excellent green blanket for decorating the house, they are unpretentious and serve as a beautiful hedge until the frost.

Sweet peas combined with lilac bluebells will make a delicate composition for a balcony or terrace.

House facade design with plants

Vertical gardens are a marvel of modern design. Flowers and plants grown on the walls of buildings decorate not only houses, but also the gray streets of the metropolis. They create a shadow on the balconies and windows, in the coolness of which you want to hide on a hot summer day. For landscaping the house, various devices are used — flower pots on windows, balconies, which can be placed on metal bars. On terraces and entrance areas, you can organize flower arches over doors and passages, hanging flower beds, colorful living partitions.

Climbing plants growing on columns and fixed on the peaks of the terrace look harmonious.

Containers with plants can be placed under windows, suspended structures can be used on walls, awnings. For vertical support of climbing plants, a metal mesh is used, which will allow turning the selected plane into a living canvas in a short time.

Plants are able to create a picturesque canvas on the facade of the house, which will have a stunning decorative effect in decorating the landscape view of the site. Vertical gardening of the site is a fashionable trend in modern design. With its help, stunning compositions are created that allow current buildings to become closer to nature.


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