Plastic paths for giving


plastic walkways for cottages

Since its inception, polymeric materials have been stubbornly replacing natural materials in all areas of our lives. They qualitatively imitate their appearance, while winning in terms of characteristics and cost. And today we will talk about plastic paths for giving, which are still rarely used, but are gradually gaining momentum in popularity.

Advantages of plastic tiles

If we compare this newfangled material with more familiar stone and concrete, its advantages are obvious:

  • lightness — this criterion is especially important when delivering the material and its installation;
  • cheapness — in comparison with ceramic tiles, plastic modules cost several times less, as well as half as much as vibrocompressed goods and even 15% less than the cost of concrete;
  • ease of installation — you do not need to thoroughly prepare the soil, concrete the path, etc.;
  • ease of dismantling — you can easily move the garden path to any other place without any problems;
  • durability — such tracks serve at least 10 years, because they are not susceptible to corrosion, they are not afraid of changes in temperature and humidity;
  • strength — a thin tile can withstand significant loads without bursting or cracking, and if you drop something breaking on such a path, the object most likely will not break;
  • resistance to ultraviolet and other environmental factors, which is important for the preservation of the original neat appearance of the garden.

Varieties of tracks from plastic modules in the country

Plastic panels for paths in the country can be of different types — lattice or solid (garden parquet). The most economical option is lattice modular coatings, which are assembled like a designer.

Garden parquet contains not only polyvinyl chloride, but also wood flour. Otherwise, it is called decking or liquid wood. The material has absorbed the best characteristics of the components — the plasticity of PVC and the beauty of natural wooden parquet.


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