Pond in the country


Pond in the country

Recently, it has become incredibly popular to equip ponds at their dachas. This is probably due to the emergence of affordable materials and systems for their creation and subsequent care. Of course, it can be difficult to create a pond in the country with your own hands, but it’s worth thinking about a small pond in the country.

He will create an oasis where it is so pleasant to relax, listen to the sounds of babbling water, freshen up, just admire the water surface. To correctly determine the type of reservoir, you need to refer to the generally accepted classification.

Types of reservoirs for a summer cottage:

  1. immovable pond — decorative or bathing.
  2. Pond with moving water — cascade, stream, fountain, waterfall.
  3. A small decorative reservoir in the country with stagnant or moving water. It can be both stationary and portable.

Design of a reservoir in the country

The shape of the reservoir can be natural, geometric or elevated. Natural ponds imitate natural reservoirs and have irregular outlines, they are often framed with natural stones, pebbles, planted with coastal vegetation.

Geometrically shaped reservoirs can be round, square, oval, rectangular. Raised ponds have become a derivative of geometric ones. The only difference is that they rise above ground level, making them easier to care for and minimizing the chance of accidentally falling into the water.

Arrangement of a reservoir in the country

The easiest way to deal with the design of a reservoir in the country is with the help of a finished form made of fiberglass or polyethylene. However, their disadvantage lies in the limited choice of form and standard small sizes. In the future, you will not be able to change or enlarge the pond.

Ready-made forms for ponds usually imitate natural reservoirs, therefore they are not suitable for lovers of strict geometric shapes. And they cannot be raised, because they are completely dug into the ground. But they are well suited for novice gardeners — it will not be difficult to take care of them on your own.

Another option for arranging a pond is to use a film. Of course, the creation of a film reservoir will cost more, but it can be given any shape and size.

The most universal solution for any type of reservoir will be concreting the walls and bottom. Such a concrete bowl will last much longer, besides, you will get a lot of room for the realization of fantasies and design ideas.


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