Provence style house interior


Provence style house interior 0

A country estate for many people is not a temporary refuge for the summer period, but the main place of residence, therefore, when choosing a way to decorate a home environment, all the nuances should be foreseen. The unpretentious style of a Russian hut is closer to us, but some people want a more elegant vintage atmosphere, where urban and rural motifs coexist well. It is for them that the best option would be the interior design of a country house in an elegant and romantic Provence style. It is perfectly suited in decoration and colors to create a cozy family nest.

What does the interior design of a Provence style house look like?

The French province at the time of the formation of this style was a quiet place where measured life reigned. It is quite possible to recreate such an idyll in our realities. But the interior of a wooden rural house in the Provence style requires the use of only natural materials and special colors.

The colors of the walls are usually chosen not too bright or shocking. On the contrary, plaster or wallpaper should be used exclusively in pastel colors. Provence is dominated by beige, sand, soft, blue or cream shades. You can safely use natural pale green or light lilac wallpaper. Flooring is best done from boards or a material that imitates light wood as much as possible. Carpeting in Provence is rarely used, but if you decide to purchase it, then buy tracks with a short pile.

Furniture in such a house must be carefully selected, the most valuable items for Provence are handmade and somewhat rough-looking work, but soundly done. Facades are best painted in light colors and artificially aged. For a beautiful Provence-style home interior, purchase cabinets, chests of drawers, and a sideboard. You can install an old chest, a bench, stools, an oval table, wicker or forged furniture in the room.

It is advisable to buy textiles that are not very bright, as if the color has faded in the sun. Plain or floral canvases, wide striped fabric are suitable. Additionally, the interior of a Provence-style house can be decorated with embroidery, ribbons, frills, lace, patchwork, various decor and bouquets.


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