Roller shutters


Roller shutters

Everyone wants to see around them only beautiful and aesthetic objects. This applies not only to the interior of our home, but also to the exterior, one of the elements of which is the entrance gate. In addition to excellent appearance, the gate must be strong and reliable. If there is a garage on your site, then the gate on it should also look modern and attractive. These requirements are met by rolling or rolling, as they are also called, gates.

Roller shutter doors are strong and durable, have good sound and heat insulation. They are convenient to use, since such gates are most often opened with the help of automation. And their appearance can meet all the wishes of the owner.

Roller door design

Rolling gates consist of aluminum profiles or lamellas, as they are also called. To give greater strength, the lamellas can be made of extruded aluminum or galvanized steel profile. Inside each such lamella there are 2-3 jumpers, which give the profile excellent anti-burglary properties. To give thermal insulation properties and additional strength to rolling shutters, their lamellas can be filled with polyurethane foam filler.

Advantages and disadvantages of rolling gates

Roller shutters work by winding slats that move along guides onto a shaft located above the gate. With this opening, there is free passage to the site or entrance to the garage. Roller shutters significantly save free space both in front of the gate and inside the garage, which is sometimes very important when the site is densely built up. And in winter, this design is more convenient compared to, for example, swing gates, because opening the gate does not require preliminary snow clearing.

Depending on the control method, roller shutters are either manually operated, in which the gate is lifted using a spring and a lock, or electrically operated, i.e. automatic.

Roller garage doors are fastened with a metal box, in which a shaft with wound lamellas is hidden. There are two options for attaching the box: inside the opening, or outside. The first mounting option is the most common, as it provides more protection against burglary. The overhead version will allow you to mount a roller shutter door in an opening of any shape: rectangular, arched, with bevelled corners, etc. However, this method of fastening loses in terms of reliability to the previous one. After all, it is not so difficult to break the outer box with ordinary scrap.

The cost of rolling gates is lower than, for example, a sectional design. In addition, they are mounted quite easily, this does not require special skills and qualifications. In addition, rolling shutters can have a variety of designs, although today the most popular are structures that imitate wood.

The disadvantages of rolling garage doors include poor thermal insulation, so installing them on a heated garage is not recommended. If rolling gates are installed as entry gates, then it should be remembered that their height will be limited by the box located at the top.

In addition to being used in private households, rolling shutters are successfully used to close various dimensional openings in commercial and even industrial premises. The compact roll-up design allows the use of rolling shutters in openings over which various engineering communications pass: electrical wires, water pipes, etc.


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