Roof made of corrugated board


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High-quality roofing provides comfortable living in the house, protects the structure from leaks and decorates its appearance. A corrugated roof for a house has a long service life, is reliable and is considered environmentally friendly.

Material Features

The profile is made from galvanized steel sheets by rolling. During the release process, it is covered with several protective layers. The best roof decking is treated with an anti-corrosion compound, after which it is primed. Then the lower part is treated with a special varnish, and the outer part is coated with polymers.

Galvanized material makes it possible to avoid the appearance of rust.

To give the profiled sheet an attractive appearance, dyes and additives are included in the polymer coating, which simultaneously protect the material.

The trapezoidal or wavy shape of a metal sheet is made using a special sheet bender, which can make different heights and shapes of bends.

Profiled sheeting is produced separately for walls and for roofing. The roofing sheet is much stronger, it has a greater thickness, anti-capillary grooves and additional stiffening ribs.

Roofing with corrugated board

To mount the correct roof from corrugated board, before starting the coating, you need to install ventilation, waterproofing and install the crate. A waterproofing layer is laid on the rafters, on top — a counter-lattice. It provides an air cushion between the final coating and the insulation.

The material is light in weight, so reinforced roof structures are not required for it. The angle of inclination of the frame is selected from the aesthetic preferences of the owner. The corrugated board is successfully used for pitched roofs with an angle of more than 12 degrees. The roof of the frame with a slight slope can also be made with a metal profile, but additional overlaps are required to be worked out with a sealant.

Sheets are placed from the bottom up, at the same time the parallelism of the lower row of material to the cornice is monitored. The corrugated board is overlapped. For fastening, self-tapping screws are used to match the color of the material with rubber gaskets on hats that protect against rust. They screw into the lower crest of the wave. For cutting sheets, metal scissors or a jigsaw are used.

The laying of corrugated sheets can be carried out using synthetic sealants made in accordance with the bends in the sheets. They make it possible to reduce the noise of a metal roof and increase the thermal insulation of the roofing pie. In addition to the sheets, end elements and ridge strips of the same color are purchased. For lining chimneys and various protruding surfaces with internal corners, adjoining strips are used, the place of their contact with the wall is treated with a sealant. With the help of additional elements, all joints on the slopes and the edges of the roof are closed. The use of such details gives the roof a finished, compact look and protects the seams from moisture.

Affordable price, a large selection of color options and ease of installation make corrugated board popular in private and industrial construction.

A profiled metal sheet is installed for roofing on houses with pitched roofs of any complexity, on household facilities, gazebos, terraces.

Modern corrugated board is a multilayer material that allows the roof to avoid all the surprises of the weather. Covering the roof with sheets will provide it with reliable protection and complement the architectural style of the building with a bright, attractive roof. Such a coating is one of the most accessible and simple ways of arranging a roof in construction.


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