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When planning a future home, special attention is paid to the roof — its shape and size. One of the best options are the roofs of houses with an attic, which make it possible to equip additional living quarters in the building and increase the space.

Types of roofs of houses with an attic

The attic can be equipped on various roof structures, they differ in the number of slopes and hips.

shed roof the simplest to implement. The inclined plane is attached to the walls of the building, which have different heights.

Gable roof — more common option. Its two high parts rest on the walls of the building and are connected by a ridge; rather long boards are needed for such a construction. On the gables, you can equip one or two windows for the attic. To equip the attic inside the structure, an arched truss system is arranged.

Attic with broken roof consists of two slopes that have a break. This is a complicated version of a gable roof. The design allows you to make the attic space even wider, more area is obtained for installing windows.

Another type of roof of a house with an attic — hip. It is distinguished by the presence of triangular slopes (hips) instead of gables. Windows are installed at the hips. This version of the roof is aesthetically attractive and is popular in the construction of mansions, terraces, awnings.

In design projects there are combined roofs that can connect all of the above options, as well as roofs in the form of a dome, cone, pyramid. Different wall heights make it possible to equip open and closed balconies and verandas. This is a rather complex building plan; such a roof will have a non-standard look.

The roofs of houses with an attic are a beautiful design element of the building. They allow you to rationally exploit the attic space and decorate the architectural style of the mansion.


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