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A house with a rooftop veranda is a wonderful and original way to expand living space at the expense of an area that has not been used before. The rooftop veranda is a rather unusual and beautiful structure, but it requires careful study at the design stage, since the structure of the house must be reinforced and designed for additional load.

You should also carefully approach the issue of waterproofing the structure, choosing the appropriate systems and materials for this.

Features of the construction of roof verandas

The summer veranda on the roof, unlike the terrace, is a structure closed on all sides, therefore it is advisable to select modern lightweight materials for its construction that will not burden the structure. So that it does not look like an additional floor, the walls and roofs of the building can be designed transparent, French windows can be used for the interior, and plastic, siding or light wood panels coated with antiseptic compounds, stains and varnish can be chosen as the main building material.

If the roof veranda is made completely open, in the form of a terrace, then a drainage system should be considered and walls of low height or railings should be designed for safety purposes. Also, the floor must be made of waterproof materials. An awning can be used as protection from the weather.

A very rational and practical solution would be to arrange such a veranda on the roof of the cottage, because, as a rule, summer cottages are not large and buildings too, so such a structure will allow you to purchase a platform where it will be convenient to relax, sunbathe, and in the evenings even have tea with neighbors or friends .

If the veranda is being built on the roof of a house that was built some time ago, then additional strengthening may be required.


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